How to make use of ECFA earn money

Cross Strait Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA) almost signed, will have what effect to the Chinese webmaster? There is no Wangzhuan owners may find the opportunity to make money in ECFA? What did the international view of maple leaf network, the economic issues and political knowledge is limited, let alone, but for ECFA is always think that can also be a chance of people to make money, how will have such "intuitive"


did you find many opportunities to make money, is at the boundary occurs during an important time or space, such as I see Taiwan television reported, Vietnam, Korea and the Russian border trade, while rich in fruits, transported to the other side, the price immediately turned a few times. Yes, "several times" is not "a few" Oh! This is amazing profits. The two sides are about to sign ECFA, the owners have found that the changes in this, perhaps we make a good opportunity to make money


network in maple leaf long ago have been trying to put some things, from Taiwan to the mainland to sell, or some products sold to Taiwan from the mainland to Shenzhen, but it was easy to ask after a detailed logistics, that is not such a thing, something just a little bit, is to declare but, very complex. Individual owners of limited resources, of course, hope can not declare tax, if it is hard to rush may have been found in the customs, fate may be confiscated, and even tax plus fines, intermediate logistics are also likely to loss of goods, broken, or sending the goods after receipt of money, or pay for buyers do not receive the goods, or is there to send goods flaw, not the wrong size, color and other issues.

but with the signing of ECFA, economic exchanges between the two sides in the near future will be frequent, including the following changes to occur

, the goods tariffs on both sides, the vast majority are "zero", which means that you do not have to face the complex and cumbersome tariff issues.

two, online trading trust mechanism and micro payment, will be further consolidation. Please refer to the post since April 1, 2010 the Central Daily News ", the racquet dynamic cash flow online shopping platform of Alipay global scale third

Central News Agency reports, online shopping is becoming the trend, resulting in China, online shopping cash flow mechanism of "Alipay" rapid growth, to March, Alipay membership reached 300 million people, daily turnover of 1 billion 200 million yuan, becoming Chinese, using streaming services with the highest rate of gold, the size of the global third.


is the trading mechanism developed China, the biggest shopping website ", buyers buy goods after the first payment to" Alipay ", to receive the goods inspection and satisfaction, payment will be remitted sellers; this would reduce the net purchase transaction disputes or fraud.

watch "" in Taiwan development potential, Taiwan network technology last year by the electronic commerce industry Alibaba authorized the establishment of the "Taiwan station" Amoy 1 online shopping platform, the formal introduction of Alipay and Taobao.

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