Ali mother this strategy we accept it

your expected income in June totaled 68.28 yuan, after deducting Ali mom technical service fee of $10.24, is expected to pre tax real income in June was $58.04

mom withholding personal income tax 0 yuan, is expected in real after tax income in June was 58.04 yuan

above the data does not include the package when the advertising revenue, the data is for reference only, the actual situation in the month after the income account in the details of the data shall prevail.

package free advertising, advertising within three days after the end of the ads, no objection, the money directly into your account.

PS: General webmaster see this data will think?

took to give and take is a completely different experience, you can put out money to give the webmaster webmaster but not money deducted, otherwise no one will give you face. This is the truth of the Chinese network, if you violate this principle will be scolded, Ali’s mother’s technical service fee is a typical example.

In fact,

Ali mother who suffered injustice, because the deduction amount "from the webmaster very want a" buckle "alliance, so Ali mother chose not to buckle, the advertisers advertising truthfully at the publisher stationmaster income reflected in the. Of course, Ali mother also want to survive, so there is a technical service fee, said the owner’s income will be deducted 15% as Ali’s mother’s service fee.

this is a widely criticized behavior, but also a lot of publishers eventually chose to give up Ali mother advertising a reason, despite the original intention of Ali’s mother is good.

advertising alliance is always out of the way into the first from the price, that is to say the publisher saw revenue is deducted from their income advertising advertisers in the cost of Google, AdSense and Baidu theme promotion is used this way. The pursuit of innovation, the mother of the contrary, the advertiser’s spending is reflected in the publisher’s income column, and then use the service fee to extract.

this is not a good idea, innovation is a good thing, but have to consider the habits and acceptance of the webmaster. If Ali mother paid all the advertisers to the publisher, the webmaster will not believe, despite the fact that it is. If Ali mother has deducted part of the cost, but it can be accepted by the publisher.

would rather give up, can not give buckle. In the background shows that the income has always been identified as the owner of their own money, the results of the settlement when the first deduction of technical service fees and then deduct personal income tax, the owner is naturally very unhappy.

suggested that Ali mother re-examine this strategy, I think this is a user experience it

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