What can do to save Wangzhuan Tongren

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online, according to the author’s understanding that through this network platform to make money the project can be understood as wangzhuan. Some people say that there is a difference between Wangzhuan with MLM, but I believe that this is a one-sided understanding, everything should be analyzed from different point of view.

the beginning of the Wangzhuan is also called e-mail, surfing, click on these items, they have in common is that no technical content, open the page, waiting for the advertising countdown, then earn very little income, but for this little advertising, Wangzhuan novice hang software, what things do you can make money and free, in reality, where to find ah! Actually this kind of mentality reflects China network consumption and foreign distance difference. Because Chinese users feel is a great thing to make money online, even a bit, a few hair is bored. In fact, this free Wangzhuan only at the top of the Pyramid people can earn money, we can understand the reality of MLM sponsors, although the MLM is to obtain the following human money by deceptive means, but Wangzhuan is by exploiting the referral link decoy beginner labor from advertisers that get a lot of money advertising fee. There is not much difference between the two.


from another point of view that everyone can earn money, I still take the above mentioned email, click on the free Wangzhuan project. Some of the QQ group, in the group the first day I saw these people anxious to take anti Commission, asked not to ask the site * * *, * * * * site is not a liar, ask why site advertising less, but a few months later, the group or these people ask questions and so on, in fact, like the free net profit only a month can be mastered, find a good line, he followed, on-line use of our labor, we should also use the anti line, see how online publicity, how people, how to find a good project, and then he started off station or massive propaganda. If several months or not Wangzhuan colleagues jumped out, who will help you.

As for the

website promotion, have to mention SEO, the visibility of SEO technology in the Wangzhuan not less than 09 years of the red Xiao Shenyang, some early contact with the SEO, is now known as the SEO master also borrow SEO fire exposure have started SEO training class, I like very suspicious about the quality of these training courses and their teaching can be said to be like fast food, the several major factors affecting SEO ranking is introduced as a smoke, and then another gift book, what the group added VIP. Nothing more than cheating SEO novice, to seize the hearts of the novice to make money, if the SEO technology to achieve the level of the webmaster is full of breath to the nose. But there are still a lot of people to participate in, you have to participate in it, and ultimately can only be a person, that is, people who do training. Like the success of the master Chen Anzhi to listen to his class to collect fees, the final achievement of the 27 year old Chen Anzhi became a billionaire.

Wangzhuan colleagues, in fact the best teacher is Baidu, Google, there is some authority station, forum. >

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