Silicon Valley investors are flocking to the upstart funny website 9GAG

9GAG, a social networking site with funny funny pictures, cartoons and other Internet humor for content and rapid development, today announced a $2 million 800 thousand financing.

there is a concern down mainly from what big Silicon Valley investors, because there are a lot like Reddit and 4chan at sites like 9GAG, said it is copied from their content. Of course, Reddit and 4chan have no traditional investment opportunities.

to participate in this round of financing is not only a venture capital company Freestyle Capital, True Ventures, 500 Startups, First Round Capital, Greycroft Partners, and Scott Chris as angel investment Banister, Sacca, David Tisch, Kevin Rose, Tim Ferriss, Gary Vaynerchuk, Ben Ling, Karl Jacob, James Hong, Philip Kaplan and so on.

In addition

, 9GAG today for the website funny content also released the latest version of the iOS mobile app, Android version of the application will be launched later this year.

, the company behind the interesting site, said the latest funding will be used to increase manpower, expand the international market and meet the growing community.

Why is

so a team from Hongkong founded the jokes and humour website can attract so many Silicon Valley investors? 9GAG started in 2008, since the line appeared explosive growth, has been developed for the month independent visitors more than 70 million passengers, more shocking is that there are more than one billion pageviews per month. An important factor in the success of social sharing, the company said there are more than five million times a month Facebook share and nearly one million followers Twitter.

there is no doubt that the mobile client experience is as good as its website: there are a lot of funny photos and videos, you can easily share these photos and videos with friends.

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