Reasonable arrangements for the Spring Festival in Shanghai Longfeng work to maintain the stability

will soon have the Spring Festival, recently a lot of peers to discuss a topic in the forum or group, that is the Spring Festival, how to arrange Shanghai Longfeng work, maintain the stability of the rankings. This really is not easy to do, there are at least 7 days of the Spring Festival holiday, there are more than half a month, every day is Spring Festival relatives, and then accompanied with drinking, playing cards…… All kinds of things are very busy, estimated no more time to maintain the website ranking, how does that do? Can be arranged in advance work. How to arrange this? According to individual circumstances, some focus on a good grasp on the line.

two, the content of the website

website content update is the most time-consuming, but the original spend more time, pseudo original spend less time, so what do we do? There is no other way, ahead of the content is ready, ready to updated in accordance with the law before, and if the program has timed release function, you can add all, then time release, without this feature, go home and have a network, take some time to release, no network that can have a net friend please.

server and domain name service, to ensure the Spring Festival period of more than

A Update

three, the chain increased

on the third, I will also tend to no matter, Links, others to celebrate the new year, you don’t have time to delete links or cheating, even if there are a few days also never mind. Included, snapshots, keyword ranking and other data, these days if there is time to properly check, if no time no see no matter, I usually see only once a week, as a search engine like this before the basic content, set the tone, back to look at the logs also no later.

heard in the group with a careless friend, did not go to the site before the Spring Festival period of service and check the customer’s domain name service period, the second day of the holiday, the space expires, then the customer contact number is before, the space can not contact customers, friends of his own spring Festival is no time management website, etc. he had several days of the Spring Festival back, the website does not open, the ranking is dropped by a large margin, very regret, so be sure to check your maintenance service and domain name service web site, to ensure there are no expiration phenomenon in the spring festival.


four, Shanghai dragon data analysis

to prepare in advance a chain of resources, and then to release the soft or article is ready, after all the preparations, to the Spring Festival a few days, you can use about half an hour of time the chain work completed. Some people will say, just a few days do not increase the chain also never mind, I want to say is, the chain is strong, do a few days do not increase but never mind, for new sites or site ranking is not good, just can use these days to catch up with the. Although the search engine staff is also the Spring Festival, but the spider have not been in the spring festival. The search engine will not have a big movement, there will still be updated regularly.

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