love the mule the advantages and disadvantages of TAGS

We all know that

, a stand of total number included is a boundary, the boundary is according to the weights of the site. If your website weight is not high, large amounts of content, if add TAGS, which included the amount of content of the site itself is difficult to improve, because TAGS has included a large amount of. But most of the webmaster in TAGS added that The more, the better., we can see that many websites TAGS page only one or two articles, this page is of no use for the user and the Shanghai dragon, and the TAGS is also very difficult to bring traffic, specific reason not to say.

TAGS has many benefits, two station network about TAGS have a lot of benefits in TAGS, the biggest advantage is that there will be a link between the website article together, let the spider to grab more smoothly, the weight can also pass a very good, there are some details, here I will not say, want to understand more clearly can be stationmaster net search TAGS, many webmaster said very well.

TAGS is a label, can be very convenient to classify information integration, and form of this website is the same, but the topic is more convenient than. At present, CMS, blog system in general have the function of TAGS, TAGS can be enhanced within the chain, improve the grab content, but things always have two sides, be aware of its advantages and disadvantages, in order to better use.

clear the advantages and disadvantages of TAGS, you should understand how to use the TAGS, if the owners are more hard-working, I think it is better to replace TAGS with the special topic, after all call optimization can be more flexible, better; if it is to be in love with a mule lazy webmaster, in TAGS time must as far as possible to add a little useless TAGS, not abuse, as mentioned above only one or two articles.

The difference between

in addition to some articles are of no use TAGS, for example, there are some articles a lot of TAGS is not good, what, a Shanghai dragon website, if you want to add a TAGS, each article can be added to the Shanghai dragon TAGS tag, but the TAGS and the site itself or Shanghai Dragon column is almost as like as two peas. This TAGS what is the use? And that the TAGS generally has a large number of paging, occupy more included.

two, the negative side of

, a good

and TAGS is the special TAGS to create convenient, a lot of love with TAGS webmaster in each content will be added in the course of time, several TAGS, TAGS amount of data must is huge, I love mules early just contact TAGS do a website, then 2000 articles in more than 3000 have TAGS the TAGS, as can be imagined, the amount of data that is terrible.

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