HTML5 search engine optimization effect for the future


2.Article: the marker for text content. [< article> < />] tag, search engine will know good recognition in the inside of the content.

HTML5 came into being, many owners, developers have no small impact between designers and experts in Shanghai dragon. Because it can be seen from the body the future development of website optimization and web design and trend. In today’s most common Web language in considering the use of HTML5, and the effect of the designers and developers feel satisfied. Some large sites leading Internet development is gradually accepted and applied to the HTML5 website, such as Facebook and other popular web sites. The reason is that it provides more flexibility for them as designers and developers. HTML5 combined with CSS3 to replace Flash in the animation and effects. The use of Canvas production, conversion, transformation, gradual increase of free web design and developers. Similarly, HTML5 brought no small impact on search engine optimization, the question now is, as Shanghai Longfeng us, how to make good use of the characteristics of HTML5, we want to achieve the optimization effect.

HTML5 has been equipped with some useful markers and elements, it offers a variety of options for users, development and optimization of web pages and applications. From the perspective of Shanghai dragon, that get more attention in the near future, as the head of information, articles, paragraphs, and footer tag. If you look at the label and description of the elements, they have evolved into the search engine index has a better website. I will explain these tags briefly here.

1.Header: ask about the most important website on the label, so that the importance of search engine optimization in Shanghai Longfeng, any people understand, such as H1, H2 and H3. It is not much change in the HTML5, all of the title tag remains unchanged, and you can use as a separate HTML / CSS tag title. The title element in the HTML5 to do the same for H1… H6 label. Included in the content of the title tag, you are considered to be the most important on a website. You can use the content of [< heading> < > / Title].

3.Section: This is another important marker of HTML5. It marks the search engine on your website capture the different parts of the content.

4.Nav: it is used in web page navigation. Simply put down your navigation links [< nav> < / > navigation; you are sure you have their own web spider in tell all the navigation links to your site.


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