The relationship between the stage and the soft Shanghai Longfeng website ranking

love the stars here remind webmaster friends a search engine to crawl web content, is the main content of the website is novel, readability and practicability is strong enough as a main basis to judge the pseudo original articles first in the novel certainly insufficient, at the same time a large number of plagiarism directly leads to the decrease of its readability greatly, also can let the reader feel very copycat. In the course of time, the website keep customers, website hits are not, the user’s search experience is poor, then the site is down right is also a matter of time. So the pseudo original can not bring good results to the site, it will affect the normal website ranking and user experience, is still obsessed with pseudo original stationmaster friends not to spend some time to write some high quality original content, so your website can become better and better.



is the webmaster friends have more grievances, love Shanghai since has adjusted the ranking algorithm, then we need to calm down to analyze problems. Love Shanghai also gives a clear explanation, is mainly due to the Shanghai people love algorithm rules too much, resulting in a large number of network rubbish and the low quality of the website, Shanghai love every algorithm upgrade is to guide the webmaster friends in the right way. For example, some time ago in Shanghai for the love of the hyperlink cheating algorithm adjustment, leading to a lot of webmaster friends site is down right or be K. After careful analysis, think the original soft Wen is a very good way, not only can bring high quality content to the Internet, and can make the web site outside of the chain increased significantly. But the original soft, easy to say, true to the operation is a very difficult thing, because the original soft costs time and energy costs, resulting in many webmaster friends to actual operation is difficult. Many owners in order to save time, most of the opportunistic approach, is to use a large number of false original to replace the original article so as to enable the site to get good rankings.


I love the stars in recent

fact is precisely illustrates this point, love Shanghai this several adjustments, no one is not for the previous problems in change. The truly rich content of the site, the weight of its own and not affected by this several big update, but along with the way of updating and upgrading has been slowly. This is because the core of the search engine is in the content, the Internet is an information network, if the Internet information is Chen.

chat and some webmaster friends, often heard friends complain about full of complaints: now do really is more and more difficult, not easy to do on the site, love Shanghai simple upgrade, site is not ranked out is K, also once again. Of course, not only is such a friend said, love the stars I believe many of my friends have similar experiences, many owners are also often see such complaints in the forum.

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