Ji Xinzhi Octopus hunting 8 extended keywords

Octopus Hunting: Shanghai dragon expansion keywords

positive thinking, do Shanghai dragon general judgment keywords do, is through the query tool, select the competition is low, search index, ranking by home etc.. 8 kinds of combination of extended keywords according to the octopus skills, I start with different functions and product attribute extension. If the product is selling shoes, according to gender: Men’s shoes; material: sheepskin leather shoes; price: cheap shoes; according to the color: black leather shoes; by use: sports shoes shoes.

with the development of the Internet, more and more companies began to get involved in the Internet, the increasingly fierce competition, the Internet gangster head, small and medium-sized enterprises, individual owners can only be accompanied by the Internet gangster, launched Octopus hunting operation, continue to expand their territory.

the original address in Ji Xinzhi blog: 贵族宝贝 5y贵族宝贝/ 5y_451.html


Internet heavyweights like octopus, touch the wrist with eight sensitivity, each touch the wrist has a highly sensitivity, for exploring the trend of the outside world. No matter what the situation is, there are always Tentacula on duty on duty, touch the wrist is constantly moving toward around, highly vigilant "enemy"; if the outside world really have what gently touches it touch the wrist, he will immediately make corresponding countermeasures.


Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon

because of the Internet gangster, continuous acquisition, merger, financing, he set foot in the field of more and more wide, Internet heavyweights to monopoly. So we have advantages and disadvantages. Ridhwan, we can learn, use octopus expansion in other areas of hunting, as long as we can open the way of thinking can do. We’d better not abuse, Internet heavyweights do field accompanying, if you really want accompanying we must subdivide.

Ji Xinzhi is an example, as long as we open the idea of Octopus hunting can be applied to all aspects, hope Ji Xinzhi analysis can bring value to you.

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