To improve website traffic through four steps



description can be continuously improve the search engine’s favor, but also can attract visitors attention, to search through the visitors, they are more accustomed to reading the title, look at the description, and then click into feeling good will. At the same time, let them find the real want to find content. This way, you do not want to increase website traffic is difficult.

site title should be streamlined and attractive

said earlier, the choice of keywords, must pay attention to key competitiveness, at the same time, whether there is a popular keyword selection and selection of long tail keywords are very important. So the choice of keywords cannot choose search less. The choice of competitive small, not what people search for, then, even if the site keywords ranking do the first, but still can not improve the flow. Therefore, the choice of keywords, we must pay attention to the amount of search keywords.

Through the above four steps

, relatively high for the competitiveness of the home page, there are so many website ranking, although the website hits ranked first in a large, but for the ranking in front, to improve traffic, it would have to spend time at the site of the title, the title is attractive, will further influence you click on the quantity of the website. At the same time, a good title can make the search engine to give a certain weight, so the title should be unique way! So we should as much as possible so that it can attract visitors attention, to click on our website.


ranking is the first

in the website optimization, Shanghai Phoenix webmaster want the main keywords ranking to love Shanghai Google first, so, in order to better increase the exposure rate, at the same time, but also improve the site traffic. This is also a lot of Guangzhou Shanghai Longfeng hope to do, for the keywords competition is more and more high, what sites have done, what keywords are webmaster do, so want to be ranked first or home page, that have to work on the site.

website ranking, website traffic has become the most important, in every webmaster Shanghai Longfeng website optimization, want to get a good ranking, then, to get some traffic, so, how to make the high flow! Believe Guangzhou Shanghai dragon ER are relatively clear. To improve the traffic is not a very simple thing, to get high traffic, there must be a good ranking, long tail keywords ranking, and continue to increase, therefore, to get a higher ranking. Today, Guangzhou website optimization to analyze, to improve website traffic through the following aspects:


site description method

, will better understand and improve the website traffic, is needed in all aspects of the site to order, rather than a website construction can obtain certain flow analysis! My station: 贵族宝贝>

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