How to set up the accurate flow expand keyword matching mode


– contains: when users precise phrase search words completely contain your keywords, the system could automatically show your promotion results.

matching: when users search for words and your highly relevant keywords, even if you did not submit these words, you may also get chance to show promotion results.

has not done for friends, after reading the above love Shanghai official explanation, the first feeling should choose wide, love Shanghai official stressed that "highly relevant and get more opportunities to show", the reality also is indeed a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises for the account of the keyword matching mode widely, but the truth is, if you set the keywords matching mode widely, your advertising costs at least fifty percent of the above is the waste, such as XX technology a customer is doing adult English training, if the pattern for a wide range of word keywords "adult English training set, then it will match the primary school English training" and "primary school English training class", "junior high school English training" and "the third grade English class" and so on a large number of key words, and these words clearly Never mind and our services.

– contains: synonymous phrases when users search words completely contain your keywords and keyword you insert, upside down and synonymous form, will automatically show your promotion results.

then set the phrase – core contains? Will also match a lot of invalid key words, such as "online adult English video tutorials, adult English learning method", "adult English test", "adult English learning network", which is why you will sigh, every day to more than 100 IP, keywords set "the core phrase contains, even a consultation is not really scary.

phrase – core contains: when the core part of the word contains your keywords or keyword search or your users, you contain your keywords or keywords the core part of the insert, upside down and synonymous form, will automatically show your promotion results.



precise matching only when users search words and your submission is completely consistent, you have the opportunity to show the promotion.


we look at 5 kinds of keyword matching mode:


that is not what we set phrases and phrases containing precise matching is not synonymous – contains no >

, model set up can enhance the effect of the promotion, setup will not cause a great waste of the cost of advertising, why? For many years experience in the auction, in addition to the "exact", in addition to other keyword matching patterns will match the invalid keyword, such as: a large number of accurate, including synonymous contains, the core contains, widely, such a result will waste a lot of advertising.

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