Xiao Jun the love of Shanghai know the chain of practical experience and some experience

2, have a certain level of account to send links, but the limited number of successful.

account when answering questions in addition to text content with a link address, I think this is the most commonly used mode we do outside of the chain on this platform. If this is the only reply text will pass, but as long as after the reply submitted will enter the audit Riga link state, will show below the situation.

first is sure to love Shanghai know the account, a few years ago I love Shanghai registered account, but has not been used, now account grade is only four, but according to share online article said the link level Four can be, so I went to register a new comparing account operation.

1, the new registered account cannot directly link.

although the Shanghai dragon also has a time, but there are a lot of methods and technical issues have not been exposed, such as the use of love Shanghai know the chain. The love of Shanghai know this platform is mainly used to love Shanghai attaches great importance to their products to the chain construction in Shanghai, and we do love around Shanghai to promote dragon optimization, selection of love Shanghai’s own platform to do outside the chain of nature is a better choice, since the product weight certainly did not have to say the construction of the chain method, this method is when we were in Shanghai dragon operation is often used, because they have not take the time to practice, although the Internet everywhere have this experience sharing articles, but I think any method again good also have to try to know whether they effectively. The following Xiao Jun through the love of Shanghai know to do outside the chain of practical experience and experience and share exchanges by himself some time ago.

although the higher level can be when answering questions by adding their own links and relatively easy to submit success, but success number is limited, the Internet.



I use a new

this is the case of the answer would show, at least I recently this time there are no longer the prompt answer, do not know whether this said answer is invalid, have experience of a friend can exchange reminder. Of course, this situation is generally appear in front of the reply links are links to their site, if the link with other platforms such as love Shanghai love Shanghai Post Bar address, although new registered account can also be submitted successfully. But in return the contents of love after joining Shanghai link submitted successfully again amend the answer by adding their own links, again after the submission will be displayed above is automatically submitted in that it also shows that the second time to answer it is difficult to show up. Similarly, only publish text will not happen, of course, AD obviously do not know, because I didn’t do the operation.

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