What are the commonly used methods of website construction of the chain


Links is one of the most effective all the chain in the chain construction, exchange Links must exchange Gao Quanzhong, strong correlation between the web. Links exchange can be difficult to do some keyword exchange several websites, business website recommended chain in 20-30 months, electricity providers, portals and other large sites in channel exchange chain. Links can improve keyword rankings, the PR value of the grade.

love Lee in Shanghai "on the chain a judgment" issued, to determine what is junk the chain and the chain of cheating. How can we in the daily website optimization better, effectively increase the chain? The small dimension tell us about what are the commonly used methods to increase the chain.

marketing is a good extension of the chain, the soft can enhance brand awareness, auxiliary SEM, can also increase the high quality of the chain. A good, leave a link to your site at the bottom, and then released to the news source, the portal, high quality forum. Soft, once included, will be the owners, users reprint. After the soft was reproduced, the website links will be reproduced in the past with soft, reproduced more, the chain will also increase the number of. Use soft words, the effect is very good.

3, forum posting, signature,

, often maintain the blog, use anchor text, text links in the blog website to update. But the blog also need regular maintenance, so that the blog can give the website value, increase the weight of keywords, website to the website. The blog can also do blog sprocket, A blog has links to the B blog, B blog to C blog and so on, but the chain is best not to close multiple blogs also require regular maintenance.

in the chain construction at the same time, can bring traffic to the site can also enhance brand awareness, improve performance. We do not only consider the chain.


released classified information market, people network, adding the URL in the classified information released in content. The information platform to release the information easily indexed by search engines, information search engine information platform for power is relatively high, also can get good rankings.

blogSina, Sohu and three party blog website establishment and related blog by

2, soft

information platformIn 58, replies

1, Links

in the forum, signature, why can increase the chain. All links can be released in the forum, not all forum replies. In our forum, ready to register the post, we must read and understand the rules of the forum, to avoid the violation of the rules of the forum in the post, and delete, Title happening. With the soft + Forum is the best partner. In the forum, and to select the site related website posted high popularity. Post included, can also get additional effect.

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