How to network company under the new situation to optimize the recruitment of suitable talents

With the increase of

1. candidates Shanghai dragon skills and practical experience of

2. of the industry sensitivity and the ability to observe

in Shanghai Longfeng not only had the skill can cope with the development of the industry, the applicant must pay close attention to industry trends, have a keen sense of smell and observation ability. Nowadays in Shanghai dragon industry are numerous, and really get paid but talk about, the reason is not to grasp the core technique optimization. It is the early bird catches the worm, the algorithm constantly updated, Shanghai dragon want the website to get rapid ranking must have a unique set of strategies. And a keen sense of smell to change in the industry trend.

website optimization is to use certain technology to improve website ranking, optimization technology is the fundamental survival, focus first on any network company is the candidate of Shanghai dragon skills and practical experience. Whether it is love or Shanghai is 360, the adjustment of the algorithm is based on a certain technology as the foundation, engaged in website optimization on the search engine algorithm commonly used must be aware of, such as the common site layout, code optimization, keyword selection, construction, inside and outside the chain of articles editors, the data analysis has a clear the understanding, can quickly develop effective optimization strategy to receive a website after. Internet companies are more concerned about the candidate’s combat capability, a common problem is that there is no real case over a new website how to quickly make the ranking, engaged in optimization process and work contents etc.. As long as have a solid theoretical foundation and practical experience, in order to lay the foundation for the follow-up work.

search engine market competition, each big game player to better meet the needs of users to experience, firmly and increase market share, and constantly improve the algorithm to provide quality services will become the inevitable trend. For web site optimization company, in the future the demand of talents, must adjust the work according to the development of the times. Practitioners should not only pay close attention to the direction of the change on the new algorithm, the response measures and improve the optimization efficiency, more important is to follow the development trend of search engine optimization, and continuously meet the needs of users of compound talents.

website optimization from the rise of the development to today, has already opened its mysterious veil, now engaged in the business enterprise is engaged in website optimization experience. As attached to the search engine’s occupation, its characteristics determine the need to pay close attention to the dynamic nature of the search, especially at the local search engine power secretly seize the 2013 user market, website optimization have already bid farewell to pure technical attention, more is standing in the perspective of network marketing thinking to provide help to users. Only authorized users on the site, in order to obtain the trust of search engine optimization services, users get survival that Internet companies, when recruiting talents must pay attention to how to recruit more talents to adapt to the development of the times. Therefore, in the daily selection, mainly from the following four aspects:

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