What is the most important bear Shanghai Dragon

first of all I want to say is, he used the mass, but he’s not here we imagine sending emails the chain, but the text type of mass information, here bear also suggest you don’t use group to send abroad. He use of bulk hair is BBS, because this is the customer, so the wolf did not say the words, so I do not know a word, according to the word of competition is not great, he made some slightly in bulk before preparation, such as the optimization of the page itself, such as bold, density, Title optimization. Ready after 50-100 every hair, third days have been so the negative information of the word has dropped to the second page, fifth days out of second, while the last page spent 4 days, by the end of this article the time today. Love Shanghai and GG of the keyword search results page before page three, almost all his masterpiece. Love Shanghai and GG seems to be because the sending time is too short, did not make obvious reaction. After this release, the impact is relatively large. About 60% of the search results page content, click inside are not content. Basically is the moderator of the forum to delete, but there will also be a part of it is normal. The author is not a novice, I personally feel that this is not only the case told the ranking, but the Shanghai dragon thinking, because ZZ has been changed, may also be a model used in 10 sites, 6 stations, the effect is good, but the 4 station may not necessarily work, so in Shanghai the dragon is not just the most important content, is not only the chain, which is the most basic, Shanghai dragon is the most important thinking.

I want to say that everyone do Shanghai Longfeng, when just learning Shanghai dragon, will be full of curiosity, but once you know about. Many people will feel very boring. Why do you say that, I think that the people of Shanghai Longfeng stay in Shanghai Longfeng level preliminary foundation, general with the chain, friendship, update is the original way to do rankings, Shanghai Longfeng work day in and day out like a toil. The author thinks that Shanghai dragon is the most important thinking recently in the Shanghai dragon wolf exchange group, learned a lot, Shanghai dragon is the most important communication. And each of us every day to do those frequent work really tired. He said that I was very idle, in fact, no, I think the most important job is to communicate in Shanghai dragon, who died because we all know, good nonsense not say, talk about a case of our group recently discussed Shanghai dragon, his expression is a thinking, is not absolute reference.


. He is a personal webmaster, may take orders, a few days ago, a customer is looking for him to destroy the negative information, he is so in the group said, he said the elimination of negative information, negative news is to let the home page disappear, so how to let these negative news disappear. The next operation is thinking, every person in the Shanghai dragon may mind only ranking, so I now say he is thinking how Syaoran operation orders his project.

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