The basic point of Shanghai dragon ER Optimization Website content and the chain and points for atte

A: on the website of

three: on the site outside the chain

We often say

two: a content update time

here we do not speak the other optimization basic point, the content of the website and the part of the chain we only talk about.

we all know the chain more of a web site, search engine to the site’s weight is high, a lot of friends will ask, how to improve the chain site for some weight? On site outside the chain more, what does not matter, I know a website on a page, but the PR has reached 7! Here is not to say it outside of the chain is how much, anyway. For the station, we take only the chain method is: 1, insert the key words in the article, to do keyword links to web pages, 2, inserted in the article such as domain name; 3, insert the key words in the article (38 +. Net + funny.). In spider’s perspective and the perspective of the website source code, the weight is certainly in the.

website the best quantitative updated website content, but I asked one in Shanghai Longfeng in high prestige friend, he told me that the good is the 10 point update at 8 in the morning, this afternoon will be released, but not fixed a long time time to update, the spider will think you are a machine, so don’t suggest a time to update the information, he also love Shanghai would start in the morning update keyword ranking, website snapshot update begins at 67 in the morning, I have carefully observed my station, found in the night when the keywords ranking in 10-12 the front, but the second day in the morning when the ranking will change, of course, this is not absolute! As long as your site weight high! Spider to hard, no matter what time to update.

Shanghai Longfeng time is not short, since all methods and key points in accordance with netizens to optimize your website to link to update the content. But it is not polite to say the effect is not very good, it is no exaggeration to say that Shanghai dragon is to grab love Shanghai to optimize the indirect competitive ranking jobs, we have to do is love Shanghai and precise calculation way to fight! Don’t say how intelligent search engine, due to low, so it is developed, and we are not going to do in the way we do optimization, but by the way of computer, nothing more than "details", "basic".

on the Internet have a lot of friends to say: love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, reproduced, false original era has ended, I disagree! Love Shanghai not included some reproduced or pseudo original is a relative term, such as the four major portals, some news websites inside the content is not there are reproduced? If not included reproduced under the condition of the love of Shanghai itself in trouble! Like a news can only be displayed on a web site, love Shanghai not included in other words, that you didn’t want to search results! You will fall in love with the sea?

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