The description tag have an indirect impact on the ranking can not be ignored

search engine is not currently possible to calculate in the description tag ranking algorithm inside, but users will see the description of the website. According to a survey concluded that, when users see the website description than the website title longer, indicating that the user is extremely concerned about this description. If the user in that it wants to see the description from the accurate description of what they need website. If we do not write, but let the search engine to crawl, obviously not so accurate. Of course, I don’t need a page for each site to write the description tag, but home is a must, this is the demand from the user point of view we also need to write.

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we will look at a web site traffic is how the formation of such a formula website + website + website click ranking. Only through these three steps, the flow will come to our website. A clear description can let the user understand your site is not what they need to find the site. For example, you are selling certain shoes, if you describe clearly wrote today’s 1st anniversary anniversary, the half off preferential attractive description. As long as it is estimated to buy shoes of people to see the information you will click come in, listen to love before Shanghai’s internal staff said that some websites actually unbelievable third traffic was more than the first. According to our general logic should be ranked first in the web traffic biggest, why there will be third of the flow is greater than the first guess? What is the reason, in fact, the reason is very simple, that is because the third written description of the site is very attractive. You can’t write the title of the Party of course, otherwise the user account to see different causes the site out rate is too high, the search engine user experience is very unfavorable.

friends to discuss the website description tag is not important in the group recently, so their website now basically do not write the description tag. The reason is the weight now search engine gives the description tag of its micro micro call, even some said didn’t describe as the keyword ranking factors. Even with an example of the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love, love is the best in Shanghai Shanghai dragon do, people don’t write love Shanghai. This label is really not important, so they are not written. In fact, this view is not wrong, at least we can say is simple, because we not only have to consider is the search engine, but also should consider the user.

is to introduce a website written description tag benefits, now is the core content about this article, that is the description of the title has a direct impact on how the rankings? Click on the search engine with indirect effect on principle. In fact, as long as familiar with the search engine click on the principle that people understand. Click on the principle is who website is more the user clicks, it shows that his site is very quality. If your website is ranked tenth, if you click on the quantity more than the first, then within twenty-four hours of your ranking is the first. This is.

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