Google Chairman Amazon is the biggest rival search field

recently Google is facing huge political pressure in Europe in Germany, Berlin Schmidt said, Google should not be under strict government supervision of the Internet as a "gatekeeper", after all, Amazon and Facebook and other competitors from the United States also has a huge influence.

has conducted a survey of four years, and is currently on the filing of a formal procedure, the European Commission recently rejected third settlement offered by Google. At the same time, the provisions on the right to be forgotten, forcing Google to remove thousands of links to search services in europe. In addition, Google is currently facing the European regulatory authorities alone investigation for Android, said Google alleged by preferential agreements to attract mobile phone manufacturers use the intelligent mobile phone platform and related mobile services. < >

The European Commission had been on the Google

according to foreign media reports, Google executive chairman Eric · Schmidt (Eric Schmidt) Monday said in a speech, Google’s biggest rival in the search field is actually the amazon. Schmidt also refuted the criticism of Google’s market position, said Google is just one of the many Internet window.

Schmidt pointed out that the next generation of Internet users are concentrated to the field of mobile search. "There is no doubt that Facebook is currently the world including Europe, the most popular applications, while Facebook also describes himself as a" ramp into the Internet."

also criticised for monopolistic behavior in a number of travel service providers including Yelp and TripAdvisor, of Google, Schmidt countered. He believes that although these companies accused Google’s threat to their business, but they also maintained a good momentum of development, "the fact that Google and the other is called" gatekeeper "and by the strict supervision of the company has the quite different…… No one will stick with Google."

search business, Schmidt said, "many people think that our main competitors in the field of Microsoft Bing or YAHOO, but in fact our biggest competitor is amazon." He pointed out that many Internet users in the shopping needs usually directly visit the Amazon website.

at the same time, Schmidt cited a publisher (German tabloid "Bild") examples to demonstrate that there are many users may have direct access to news service. "As one of the most read newspaper in Europe," said Schmidt, "" Bild "about 70% of the flow from the user direct access."

critics often point to create a search engine high development and infrastructure spending, while the leading search engine can get a lot of user behavior data. Google’s general web search service has more than 90% market share in Europe, which led to its continued to face regulatory pressure in the near future.

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