Practice is the biggest power let you progress

many people do in Shanghai Longfeng, very afraid of being punished site. Just like what is said in the story, if you have not received the lesson, it is difficult to National Cheng Kung university. In our Shanghai dragon optimization, so. If you have not experienced the site right down, you do not know the site down right after how to save weight. I personally engaged in Shanghai Longfeng work 1 and a half years in my hand is right down the site around 5, because some sites are black, some because of excessive optimization, either because of a chain problem. But I never think this is what bad things, this is a very valuable experience for me, I learned how to deal with these problems website. >

often can see some people in some of the Shanghai dragon tutorial group, but I want to tell you is that if you have mastered the basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon, then the most important thing is to combat. He found the problem, in the operation of the analysis of the problem, and then adjusted, finally summed up the experience, this is the right way to learn the Shanghai dragon.

you know, Shanghai dragon is a special industry, the search engine algorithm at any time change, and you find the tutorial can be said is almost obsolete, and it can not meet the current algorithm, and to look at the tutorial, rather than look at some of the latest post diagnosis, from which we can contrast their own the website, found himself site if there are the same problems.

different people see this story will have different ideas, I first thought is our Shanghai dragon.

a fisherman has a first-class fishing techniques, had been known as the "king of fish". However, when the old Fisher King "very distressed, because his three sons are very mediocre fishing technology.

some time ago heard such a story:

so he often people complained of pain in the heart: "I really do not understand, I am fishing techniques so well, my sons why so poor? My ignorance since their fishing techniques taught to them, from the most basic things to teach, tell them how to weave the most likely to catch fish, how to row a boat don’t disturb the fish, how to let the fish into the net. They grow up, I also teach them how to know the tides, distinguish between…… I have summed up the experience, I unreservedly to them, their fishing techniques can be even worse than I miss the technology of the fisherman’s son! "

people say: "well, your mistake is obvious. You only teach them, not to teach them a lesson. No lessons and have no experience, can make the person chengdaqi! "

a passer-by after listening to his story and asked: "you have taught them hand in hand?" "yes, in order to allow them to be first-class fishing techniques, I teach very carefully patiently." "They have been with you?" "yes, in order to make them less detours, I always let them follow me."

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