The chain for the emperor the emperor era is past content for the age



if you are in the chain for the emperor in the time to do the Shanghai dragon, then you have out

in addition to high quality content, the second is the layout of the site keywords. A good website layout keywords can let you save the hair of the chain of time, I never had a website, is building, the key layout, the results 4 days later found that almost all keywords have ranking, some even directly on the front page of course! Here is the main keywords, not those who did not search long tail index.


from the content point of view, more than the contents of this website are 99% original content, and no article content can meet the needs of different users. All without the support of the chain, the search engine will give good ranking, because users love, search engines will love

high quality content more than 10 high quality chain

has failed to contribute no more than a month to A5 tucao. Not because of failure to do the test in the submission, but busy, so only the results presented in this article. According to the investigation found that now most of the Shanghai dragon Er were alive before the chain for the emperor era, as long as the quantity and quality of chain to get good rankings, but for now it is a mistake to

you can see the picture above data, as to which the site this is not thrown out, are interested can according to the keywords to search and look at the peer on the site outside the chain of data and other aspects of the chain! For other peers on the site are thousands of support, but more than this the site was only a few dozens of the chain also, but the ranking is not less than those of


! !

with the development of Shanghai dragon constantly, enter Shanghai dragon industry talent is more and more. Almost every day a lot of people in the continuous chain, increase the link trading market led to the number of search engines and the huge chain. For Shanghai dragon Er, in the process of the release of the chain is used in an article in the same article to each big website released, resulting in low quality content is relatively large

the real name network marketing team members of the Zhang Shoujin test after starting A5, reproduced please specify the source 贵族宝贝meiyaozhenyu>

search engine, Zhang Shoujin think they need is more high quality content to fill their database, so it can better meet the needs of users, so that users can get better information! All Zhang Shoujin took only 1 months to do this

layout is better than fierce chain

!Keywords !According to the current situation of

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