Shanghai Longfeng chain construction from Google bomb case

"Google bomb" refers to the numerous specific keywords as anchor text to a URL page, and is generally not included in this URL link specific keywords are irrelevant and even content and keywords. This effect is when the search for specific keywords in Google, pointing to the URL rankings tend to the very front rank, although no relationship between content and keywords.

There are many forms of

from the real combat experience we also see the chain is an important factor in ranking. The role of the anchor text is very important. Although this is a story of 10 years ago, but in fact most of the webmaster until today is still considered the chain and the anchor text is a great influence of the rankings, although Google update algorithm, the algorithm updates the love of Shanghai, but we still as in the past in the manufacture of "Google bomb bomb", "love Shanghai". The difference is we are not for the purpose of practical joke or experiment, but purely in order to improve their site keywords ranking.

and the construction of the chain, the anchor text is many webmaster especially love to do. Because the chain form is considered to be one of the major factors of the website rankings, so many webmaster do when the anchor text will often use keywords to link to the home page to optimize ranking. Whether it is for Google or love Shanghai, this optimization means should be said or effective. But if the wrong way, it would be self defeating.

] Google bomb

Zac in the Shanghai dragon "actual combat password", there is a chapter of the "Google bomb" article, feel very interesting, here to share with you and the operation had its own "love Shanghai bomb case.

What is the name of


played the optimization means, of course is the direct object value of love Shanghai, then do the key words "Comet", "Comet", Comet is an office supplies company, because the company agents of their products, so, you know. Then, after a lot of URL bombing, when Shanghai’s sex, search, "Comet", "

[Google] bomb phenomenon


bomb case

[Shanghai] bomb making love experience

said here may be a bit awkward, Zac also cited a particularly interesting example for us, said in 03 years, some people use "miserble failure" (a) the keywords as anchor text, and links to the president of the United States Bush’s personal page. Two months later, search "miserble failure" in Google, Bush personal introduction page in the first row, and search for "failure" when the same in the first place. But Bush’s page there is no "miserble failure" and "failure" these two words. Later, Google update algorithm, then search to find Bush’s personal page.

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