The enterprise how to do well in the web site of the Shanghai dragon optimization

then is the key deployment and optimization of the internal links. Don’t choose the following form: the keyword is too popular, big door, occupy a strong professional maintenance team, Shanghai dragon optimization search engine shield, choose another location of key words don’t close too wide pan, goods and services if they have the best keywords plus area. The door is too hot, and there is a strong professional households occupy the Shanghai dragon optimization team to maintain the word, because the competition is too intense, some stations have very high weight, it is difficult to go beyond them, the ranking is also difficult to make up. This can be through the optimization of the long tail keywords to get a lot of traffic and customer service, about how to optimize the long tail keywords will be introduced later. Choose the right keywords to publish content, content to have a good experience for the user. Optimization of the internal links, this will make the search engine crawling direction so as to improve the web site overall weight. When a web site is very large, he get good rankings rely on internal links can.

with the popularity of the Internet, small and medium-sized enterprises have established their own enterprise website, but the enterprise how to do well in the web site of the Shanghai dragon optimization? This is confusing for many enterprises, after all, many small businesses do not have their own website optimization Shanghai dragon team. And most of the enterprise is very difficult to have a correct understanding of the network optimization of Shanghai dragon. Whether it is business circle or enterprise website of Shanghai dragon and network marketing is very necessary, why the details in the business circle of Shanghai Longfeng enterprise website optimization and network marketing to Shanghai dragon.

first enterprises should start from the site itself in the construction site try not to use flash, flash influence enterprise website open speed and flash search engine is not included. The best use of DIV+CSS layout, not only the speed of access to the site soon and the search engine is very friendly. URL to use static or pseudo static instead of dynamic URL, this website will speed up and grab the search engine spiders are more favorable.

address: 贵族宝贝125贵族宝贝/dianshangquan- /61.html

finally is the construction of the external links, trying to get some weight high site links, can be purchased through the exchange or Links way. The specific exchange weight of high quality Links will share slowly behind.

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