Shanghai love alliance text keyword search product line

easy to operate: convenient access code, without the development of


new articles, advertising words crawl takes time, estimate about 2 hours into the existing articles immediately.



is popular to say that the content of text link ads, keyword search products, is suitable for the ordinary traffic to the site, can be distributed in the web page text, through the embedded keywords, users click on the jump to love Shanghai keyword search results page, click on the search results page business promotion content, resulting in income and website into the traffic product realization.

Author: Lu Songsong (WeChat QQ13340454), reproduced please keep the source


its advertising code on the way and love Shanghai + similar, can generate hyperlinks to automatically obtain ID advertising. At present only in the cooperation site in the trial, the small owners also temporarily unable to experience.

resources: do not take up a lot of space page, does not affect the original page reading experience;

of different types of advertising, ID code is not recommended to use the same ID to statistics.

text ads have some sites do not apply, such as pictures, novels, login browsing station.


high income: advertising more abundant resources, high price and good earnings;

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