The site key page weight and unnecessary page

non essential pages not that this page does not exist, but that this page is not necessary to optimize it, is not necessary in Shanghai Longfeng page. But these pages in the website function and user experience is very important as the website’s privacy, user login page, contact us, or about us these pages. From the user experience point of view of these pages is to improve website trust, is the necessary function page. But the search engine spiders, they can not login and message, and no webmaster to optimize the "about us" the words, these pages are not necessary to do the optimization of Shanghai dragon.

Shanghai dragon is very important in a step of internal website optimization, how to distribute the weight of the inside pages and some unnecessary page processing. Because this will influence the site’s overall weight and the site of future sales conversion rate. It is our usual practice site tree structure, distribution pattern of the weight of the inside pages are harmonious and normal. But often because of taking different construction technology, to realize the function of different goals, the final goal of marketing, let some seemingly take the tree structure construction site, carefully study it is all a hideous mess branches vertical branches. The ultimate goal of each site is different, so each what absolute structure model is applicable to any site. So do the page weight distribution and non essential page processing is particularly important.

but sometimes it may be terminal page weight is very high, such as popular products, high profit products, or is the site of the main push of the new product, the second is the holiday promotions page. These terminals are far from home page in the distance, the weight is very low, in the search engine rankings natural page is not ideal. But we really need to get the weight of these pages, get high search engine rankings. In fact, as long as we put these pages arranged to the home page, or add page links in the station, also can be in the sidebar "with their links and get the page weight and total station transfer, we focus on these in order to increase the weight of the inside pages, improve the site’s sales conversion rate.

, first look at the key pages. Usually, the weight of a web site home page for the highest, most of the external links. The page weight under a directory is only at the front page, the general articles are multi-level directory, the minimum weight is terminal page, the article page or product page.

we see in many shopping sites on the home page shows, presentations, these products are not to release time arrangement is recommended, but we focus on the inside pages into the above mentioned high are arranged in the display area. This can increase the weight of these key pages, improve the corresponding product sales conversion. We can also in the chain of efforts to increase the weight of these pages, improve the ranking.

but these pages are often in the footer and the station has, but the weight is only home, "

The weight of

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