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1. Early childhood education: edutainment




this view inspired everyone to all industry park property Internet management discussion, we have to speak, summed up there are the following:

I think the webmaster is no stranger to Taobao passenger station? Has become fashionable for a time, there are also many online tutorials. Guest webmaster, money is not a few, but did not make money in the absolute majority.


web content is a single page, all some keywords and >

1, you can think of Mr Huang’s point above; "

first of all, we have to choose a product, and the premise of choosing the product is to make an understanding of the market, know which products are saturated, and which are still to be developed. If you are still doing slimming products, I can be very responsible to say to you: "brother, your head was kicked by the donkey."… Because you know, even if you have a wealth of optimization knowledge, this product can not be done in a short time. Remember, we want less investment and big returns, so let’s not go to the competition and get involved.

as for the content of such a product, I still talk with pictures. We search the big pink dolls website, see the top ranked website the real official website is still behind….


3, providing office supplies for the staying company, can APP customer >

I personally agree with the opposition, because everyone’s interests are not persistent, children may begin to see more, the APP learning software, very interested, so familiar to a certain extent, will be tired, will be attracted to other mobile phone functions, the uncertainty in the name of learning sometimes the mobile phone to play other things. Of course, this is only my personal opinion, you can have your own opinion, welcome to put forward, we continue to discuss.

2, you can add value-added services, such as the company in the procurement of goods and service query, because a lot of industrial parks are not allowed to express in the industrial park this piece of property, can do the value-added services to companies, a courier charge a small fee, you are willing to give, and everyone here share of college students help to express the case, in fact we have schools, in particular, many schools are not allowed to express and fast food into the school, some students began to help fast food and express to the dormitory, intermediate charge a small fee to run errands, so accumulated, a month is a lot of income. In other words, when I was in college, I never thought of it. Losing weight, exercising, and earning money. What a good opportunity.

so, what we are looking for is the fire on these Taobao. There is a certain brand, that is, there is a certain amount of search products. Such a lot of products, how to choose your own suitable products, peaches in this is not much chatter, I believe these things than everyone I know!

now, Taobao navigation station has been flying everywhere, many stations do not fight propaganda, spelling is included. Included in the flow, there are transactions. But as I have no time for idle, waiting for him to go to the ferry to Uncle long included, included tens of thousands ah. So I figured out how to get even bigger gains in less time. Hey, don’t mention it. I really know something about it. The peach is not me, you hear me out.


two, one-stop, all-round "intelligent" property management

will discuss the subject at APP on Saturday afternoon at 2:00 p.m. on the ant business salon. There are several good directions: preschool education, industrial park property management, personal health management, APP client inspection. Record it and share it with you.

second a good idea came from Mr. Huang, because Mr. Huang is assistant president of 182 Design Park, he proposed to you can achieve for the company can query the utilities, property management fees, service fees and other services in the mobile phone client in the industrial park.

and I’m doing it now. I don’t earn much money, it’s two thousand and one hundred months. But I’m putting in only 30 dollars now. of course, water, electricity, Internet fees are not included… I’ll tell you all about my experience and share it with you.

preschool education is the development of a game on the mobile phone APP client machine learning, not only can let the children learn can also improve whenever and wherever possible, the child’s interest, of course, this idea has been some opposition, opponents argue that this will affect the interests of the child, now learning machine on the market is no reason why the mobile phone so many functions, mainly in order to let the child distracted, mobile phone function more, children will soon play other function, it may be counterproductive.

then a passerby asked, "do not do such profiteering products, what do you do?" peach said, "now we have to choose one or more, less competition, easy to do rankings, high conversion products.". Passerby a ask again: "still have such good thing, peach, I am very earnest to tell you, still have such good deed really, and not only have, still have a lot of, peach not nonsense, first let everybody see two diagram.". Figure I can see the word "pink big doll", sh419 search a total of 879000, while figure two shows sh419 index at around four hundred. Then everyone should understand, right, this is not a good thing, what is it? I think, such words randomly optimized to the home page is not difficult,

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