How to use the XML sitemap file format to Shanghai Dragon

2, XML map files may appear in the robots file

XML sitemap file location can be specified in the robots file, when the search engine crawls on a website, it is the first crawl robots file, to obtain their own grab privileges, if you put the sitemap file in the robots file, then the search engine on the horse can crawl into your sitemap file. The page can be URL on the inside of the fast index, the web site will be of great help. This is particularly useful for Google, Shanghai is not so sensitive to love.

A site map file The root directory

, 5 pictures, video URL page can create XML format sitemap file

3, sitemap file size is limited by

4 and XML sitemap in the form of documents can be set inside page priority

1, XML map files need on the website

in Google webmaster guidelines and love Shanghai Shanghai dragon official guide, also mentioned this point must be the root directory XML format map file on the website, we make a good map file, using the FTP account to the root directory can be uploaded to the website of the XML map file.

website, it has HTML format and XML format, the website map can help search engines to help users find the content of their needs, it is a bridge between the website and users, website and search engine, especially the XML format map file, there are still a great help for the search grab the engine. We talk about the XML map file.

In fact,

in the XML format of the sitemap file, there is an attribute of priority, we can set the priority level according to the important page of our website, some of the more important pages can set some high level optimization, search engine to crawl in XML URL, is in accordance with the priority to grasp, we want to do the priority is to try to set up some important documents, to assist search engines to quickly grab more Shanghai dragon of the page.

sitemap file is a text page of the patent, for some pictures, video URL URL, can make sitemap file, so as to promote the search.

in Google webmaster guidelines, very clear that the size of the sitemap file before being compressed, not more than 30M, but not every sitemap file number URL of more than 50 thousand, when your sitemap file is very large, can be decomposed into multiple files. Optimization Guide to love in Shanghai, also has similar provisions.

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