Link Shanghai dragon common means of cheating cheating



on the one hand not stressed that the search engine can recognize, on the other hand, no user experience, this is very dangerous.

"link farms" construction a large number of closely linked web pages, expect to be able to use the search engine link mechanism, through a large number of each link to improve web page ranking. "The page links to link farms in the high density", any two page may have links to each other. Pass each other by weight between the links to improve the keywords ranking effect.


common hidden links are the following

for spam links, not necessarily a deliberately black hat means, but in the neglect of foreign chain quality attention. May you all day in the forum outside the chain of the drip irrigation tape may have negative effects on the website.

3, CSS or div through style=’; to achieve the purpose of’ hidden links.

link farm

exchange Links

hidden links

garbage connection


1, the use of very small fonts on people not easy to pay attention to.


in front of me to give you a link in Shanghai Longfeng cheating common means of cheating, I believe that everyone has the content of the page cheating also have a certain understanding, once again, to introduce the common form of cheating is not to let everyone to cheat, but I hope you in the usual work in Shanghai Longfeng to avoid these common mistakes. In order to avoid unnecessary losses.

, of course, for no obvious boundaries between the low quality of the chain and the chain of garbage, a small amount of the low quality of the chain, the search engine will ignore the transfer of the weights of the website, if low quality too much, it may be judged as garbage outside the chain, will have a negative effect on the website weight. The quality of the chain, I will be in the next blog to share.

hidden links

2, on the site where the hidden punctuation like small text anchor text.

for hidden links, everyone should not unfamiliar, in fact, before the contents of the article in a certain degree of similarity, hidden links refers to the normal link through some methods, such as the link into the JS code in use, so that users when browsing the web not see this link, and search engine it is able to crawl from the code recognition to this link.

The effect of

exchange Links is not a normal Shanghai dragon.

to share with you today, the common link in the Shanghai dragon cheat what cheating.

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