How to learn the skills of expert Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon

is already the rain events in mid 2011 that, although the rain will be Shanghai, with more than a month after the home we found cheating Shanghai dragon operation, but you have to admire the great degree of Shanghai dragon technology. Grandpa Deng said: whether a white cat, black cat, catch mice is a good cat. We do Shanghai dragon is to rank, in order to flow, can do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng edge technology, as long as not too arrogant, certainly no problem. The recent rain to space to see his latest update, an article for people with deep feeling, that is the power of the long tail. You can go to see the rain has an article about the space under a web site keywords growth log, basically the site keywords traffic is linear growth, occasional fluctuations, will soon recover, he this log is used to respond to some of the people he didn’t scold technology. I personally think that for such a Shanghai Dragon technology expert, should not be treated this way, we need to learn from him, but this diary gave me the biggest feeling is the long tail strategy EO.

Shanghai dragon every day to learn, and the best way to learn is to find a teacher, a teacher with learning, you will learn quickly. The teachers here are not necessarily the kind of formal school teaching methods, but only to find the teacher, then the teacher’s book is to teach you, such as ZAC’s "Shanghai dragon combat code" is the teacher’s blog; can also teach you, for example, we search "Shanghai dragon", to find the first ten pages of blog. Or search for "Shanghai dragon blog" to find the first ten pages of blog, select some valuable Adsense blog, learn from their experience and Shanghai dragon thinking strategy; it can also be a language teaching directly, now teaching in Shanghai Dragon Phoenix YY channel, can choose appropriate teaching station more reliable, is the best free, there are also some QQ group inside internal group teaching, although it is on the text, is also a good way. Through these methods, often let me learn a lot, today I also introduce is I recently from the first four learned Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng expert techniques, a Shanghai dragon strategy is I have been pursued, it is learned from the rain long tail strategy.

1, mining more long tail with



Hello, I was in cold front to sniff the rose wrote "my home Shanghai dragon expert" three realms, after deep feelings, because each expert he talked about the Shanghai dragon is our learning model, it is our beacon station in the direction of the development of self positioning, but there’s another problem, because the Shanghai Longfeng area expert, and every webmaster can get such exchange opportunities, and not every opportunity to get good advice and exchange, this time we need to dig into some of the dynamic of these expert recently the Shanghai dragon skills to learn more from them.

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