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Luo described, is that many in some aspects of outstanding ability, it is easy to "long board to overestimate yourself or your team is in the process of entrepreneurship".

summary: the new machine is on fire, but don’t forget to walk past the pit.

4., Taobao’s market prospects, a word in the stock market here is also useful. "Where there is sound, there is no money."". Taobao is now well-known Taobao customers, but also with a lot of space business cooperation, free space, and with these sites dedecms cooperation, Taobao cooperation website, there are some promotional activities, people to join. Everyone knows this, but also to Taobao to buy things do not know what to buy with their promotion code? As Amoy friends you will not earn money? How much money this alliance to promote their guest, finally only what.

borrow Jingdong hammer powder in a sentence: "I hammer culture is not care about these poor assessment.".

so, we listened to the old lessons today, is likely to still be in business, in the workplace into the same quagmire, the benefit is the decision before you can consider, "Hey, this seems to be the old pit once told


in crossed countless pit, Luo ushered in the most favorite nuts Pro, also saw a good report card. These days, Jingdong 618 years to promote drying out of the report card mobile sales real-time list, hammer in brand sales, brand sales have rushed into the top four; in the single product sales rankings, nuts Pro is ranked fifth. The hammer is a dark horse that has been greatly promoted.

The first pit

1. customer choice, is a large part of the novice webmaster, I am also one on the billboard Internet monthly income, no strength to earn the money? You put taobao, these two words do Taobao home page, you can earn so much.

"until you fall into the pit when, you are aware of The imprint is engraved on my heart. predecessors advice is so correct, then combined with the lessons and digest this time out and listened to the advice, you will no longer fall after the same pit."

to ask what is now on fire, many people know that Taobao is off, easy to do guest, earning tens of thousands of dollars. A series of activities of the mom let Taobao off the fire, why many of the Tao do not earn money much, I didn’t go to my investigation, but in a group inside, ten more than nine had no previous station, have had the experience of Taobao, Taobao looked off the billboard on the monthly income 000, who don’t move. To tell the truth, I also see that a lot of money, to join the Tao, now have thousands of dollars in monthly income. I also use a lot of station in the Amoy page, keywords ranking is good. With the same thing, why other Adsense did not make money, I analyzed it, there are several reasons.

each entrepreneur or

see such results, could not help but think of a month ago in Shenzhen Luo "nut crosstalk party" said a word, "I had a hunch that we will be back farther along, will sell crazy."

3. guest program, online promotion program fits, Amoy is several, those who earn more stationmaster, they don’t download any program on the internet. Web site, a lot of online, you can use your own to download, at least change. I also use the Internet ", they changed some shops on the Internet have also seen many webmaster, also told me to update the store, what is the problem? People inside the shop also see, spend more time to do. See some websites, the program is downloaded well, what kind of, to the space is what?. Such a station, how to make money, sh419, shlf1314 included, you are the problem. Unless you really want to promote it,

Luo share their "tragic history, see he made once in the entrepreneurial process fault, also remind may lose in the direction of the hammer playfully.


"what I want to share is what pits are likely to fall in the process of entrepreneurship, and what implications should we get from it?"." This is the old in the latest issue of "get" in the prologue, never as a sentimental person, Luo reviewed and summarized those pit themselves in the past few years had, but he also stressed that as "over", he believes that even if you listened to the advice and the predecessors. Some advice is right, you will still be out of the pit.

see, thought very good at marketing Luo, how boring back……

! Taobao

does not know, if the hammer really sold the future more "Crazy", whether he will fall into those pits he admitted?. Good at summing up the old, still remember these lessons themselves in the past five years. After all, it’s all sweat and toil.

2. is a large part of Amoy owners do not understand, listen to their promotion methods you can know, usually choose group, forum posting, blog promotion. These may bring some traffic, but how many people can buy them?. People may be interested in seeing it, but not buying it. group ads sent more, Tencent will join the blacklist. BBS post, too hot BBS, you send a while, moderators come over to delete. Too small BBS, although it is short time did not delete, moderator rarely come to the forum, this BBS can have much effect?. The blog also has many limitations, although some large blog weight is very high, see a lot of guest blog was blocked, people will not use their own resources to allow you to make money.

Luo is a good summary of the lessons, so far from the creation of the hammer mobile phone, he is in a way to run, a careful summary.

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