Shanghai Longfeng hot under its crisis

this is not alarmist! Because, regardless of Shanghai Longfeng, SEM or network marketing or simply marketing means, "good wine is also afraid of deep alley" uninterrupted publicity marketing consciousness is certainly gratifying, but it must be based on "high quality products" good wine is not afraid of alley deep "(service) based solely on Shanghai; otherwise, dragon SEM, emphasizes the network marketing, emphasizing the search engine ranking, emphasizing search engines, emphasizing the anchor text, but decided the success of the enterprise will be high quality products (services). Only Neiwaijianxiu, not only to enhance the quality, and pay attention to the marketing publicity (even marketing must also continue to emphasize the idea of innovation), "one less", to the last laugh, really set up brand.

you know, "you can fool some people for a period of time, you can fool all of the people in a period of time, but never at all time cheat all the people" for the website of Shanghai dragon also apply. Therefore, with more and more small and medium-sized enterprises in Shanghai dragon consciousness (network marketing consciousness) and Shanghai, the level of knowledge and skills (network marketing awareness level of knowledge and skills) the ascension of the whole, Shanghai dragon industry development must keep pace with the times, Shanghai dragon skills is important, but more important is that Shanghai dragon thinking can make us keep pace with the times, Shanghai dragon marketing (Marketing) having substance in speech in an invincible position.

at present, to "search engine battle" as the representative of the network marketing is the enterprise to build a brand and enterprise brand of the lowest cost and the shortcut to high office network marketing in Shanghai, so the dragon in the domestic hot. The beginning but often peak is low, Shanghai dragon industry hot surface does not conceal its facing challenges and crisis. If Shanghai dragon ER can not really recognize the prosperity behind the hot industry crisis challenges, keeping pace with the times, what was out of the end is not far away waiting for us.

of course, this "to show Liu Bei’s long and thick like pseudo Zhuge’s wisdom and, like the demon" and "Shanghai dragon skills show" flicker can fool some people, can rapid sales of some products, but will never be able to achieve the ultimate effect of brand promotion.


is now the domestic industry status quo of Shanghai dragon? Indeed, at present Shanghai Longfeng hot, but whether it is the Shanghai dragon, SEM, search engine ranking and the forefront of what is genuine goods at a fair price "dry cargo"? May be more or "apple of Sodom" sales consciousness strong, wide of the mark flicker

we must clearly recognize that the current China Shanghai Longfeng hot is based on the following facts: first, the rapid development of small and medium-sized enterprises (except for private hospitals and other individual sectors) through marketing to expand the market, establish the brand, but the promotion costs are subject to greater restrictions in corporate funds; secondly, with the domestic small and medium sized enterprises the industry like bamboo shoots after a spring rain emerge, products and services in various industries all fall into the homogenization and the low level of competition of low – >

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