Summary on the problems of Shanghai included slow love

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the past two years in Shanghai for this love included the great change, for new sites included the speed is greatly accelerated a lot, before the love of Shanghai included a new station basically will take at least 35 days, even if slow system need more than a month before, but now it is much better, as long as the attraction of love Shanghai the spider properly you, in addition to your site is also good, basically the seconds are possible, but this is not absolute, because there are a lot of new sites are not loved in Shanghai included, now the sand to share in this easy to cause several love beenincluded causes slow sea station, those who have not love Shanghai included the webmaster might compare, see if you have made the following error

3) website content on the acquisition or reproduced, causing the site overall quality is not high

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1) website using the domain name once a website, and may be punished

read love Shanghai provide the Webmaster Help the webmaster should know, love Shanghai for the user experience but is very valued, and the website space used by host access speed and stability is a part of the user experience, if you use the site wide between the host regular appeared open, or access speed is very slow now like, then love Shanghai certainly not so fast included your site, and the webmaster want to love Shanghai included in the site, in addition to the space outside the host for a good point.

2) space to host site using the capacity of poor, seriously affect the user experience of 1

after the domain name is the international domain name, in addition to cause some domestic policy, so most of the domestic owners in the choice of the domain name, will give priority to the COM domain name suffixes, thus leading to the COM domain name suffixes use rate is larger, while the station was registered to the other owners to use the domain name probability will be relatively high, and this domain once made the website, or to be loved and Shanghai punished, the love of Shanghai included our site speed will naturally slow a lot, so in order to avoid what trouble after the webmaster in the domain name registration is best to first understand this domain is estimated over the site, then in deciding whether to use registration.

is the relative to Google or some other search engines, love Shanghai is sensitive to the site for change, even if it is just a webmaster redirection code or is it known keywords >

love Shanghai!Because the COM

according to some data and investigation, one of the reasons causing the greatest love is slow because Shanghai included the quality of website content is too low, the original is not high, coupled with the owners in the acquisition or reproduced other web content and does not modify it, then your website is very easy to love Shanghai as garbage station, and as long as the love of Shanghai as a garbage station, then this will naturally slow included some level.

4) website recently may have been changed, not a keyword is changed in the template

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