Blog to make money need to adhere to the progress

from high school to work hard now for 7 years, although there is no great achievement, but a little too. As long as the money and do not involve illegal, I have tried all walks of life. Pull off the truck to sell watermelon, agent brand, put off stall, do Internet cafes, selling breakfast, received mixed waste. Now listen to the uncle’s advice, concentrate on a brand. My parents are working, in the career can not give me too much help, but they have been silently support me, whether I was successful or failed.

6,7 this year, a lot of feelings, detours go a lot, too often want to make money but can not make money. A person’s energy is limited, think what money what to do, to do so. From the start to do this site between the individual gold blog site, personal site between the network to make money site, I will be in the real life experience into the. The general direction of the same, small ideas to keep up, this is what I hold the most fundamental ideas for the gold rush station.

use WordPress site, do cross site to make money in the form of a very common. But most of them can not adhere to 1 years, the root cause is difficult to achieve short-term profitability. Designed for search engines or designed for a single page are required to support the process, it takes some time to brew, so that the search engine to know you, so that customers trust you.

but most personal webmaster is seeking quick, for a short period of time to work on their own projects, to start planning, planning of doubt: whether it can really make money? No system of learning, without a keen nose for the market without professional analysis team, sophisticated operation experience, only with a little understanding, the passion of the moment, a thought, a henjin. "Failure, give up" is the outcome we can foresee. After the failure to do stand, fail again to do stand, until 30 years old, still without a single success, but too late for regrets.

cut into the core topic we want to talk about today: blog to make money, always need skills. In this regard, do not want to break out of a lot of friends to make a lot of heaven and earth, and even more of them as the only way out. "Consistent" is a good quality, but I see most of the friends, just stand in the station, not on a single site. Their perception of the time cost is too high for the site they can not afford.

fast, simple, can be copied, the most basic form of personal site to make money 3. Repeated copying and copying is what they call persistence. Interface copy, copy the content, the use of WordPress built anti station is too much, a purely personal blog gradually disappear. I am not opposed to professional personal blog, dedicated to a certain aspect, as the site is also designed to make money online blog.

blog to make money consistently need to do:

1, only to do a site, 1+1=2, but you put all the forces acting on the same point, 1+1 is likely to be greater than 2. 1 people can have the energy to run two sites or more than 2, and the effect of large

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