Talk about how to use love Shanghai mining long tail keywords small dimension

1. by Shanghai

2. by love Shanghai search drop-down menu

We should

often is not difficult to find the love of Shanghai, in the search box enter your search words, sometimes not when you input end, and a drop-down menu, the drop-down menu will automatically add words to fill the back of your search words, these are the basic user hot search word (here in addition to some peers with informal means of brush up), we can use these related search to select the long tail keywords useful, such as the Shijiazhuang Shanghai dragon.

mining long tail keywords know love

did, in Shanghai there is a special promotion assistant keyword recommended tools, very helpful for the auction, these can also be effective in the long tail keywords required precision mining.


the long tail word is not strange, that means the site in addition to the long tail keywords, keywords and target keywords can bring traffic, can be composed of 2, 3 words, can also be a phrase, or a phrase, such as Shijiazhuang Shanghai dragon which do well? Where do SEO such? The. A website targeted keywords bring traffic should not be overlooked, but the long tail keywords also nots allow to ignore, so how to effectively use love Shanghai mining keywords? The small dimension is to introduce a few simple ways.

4. by love Shanghai promotion background assistant

see the user wants to find the secondary market and the secondary market what position through these we can, then we can go to the website content according to the needs of users.


find love Shanghai is a good way to select the long tail, through which we can tap into the long tail keywords need different, such as Shijiazhuang website optimization optimization can be found in Shijiazhuang, through the Shijiazhuang Shijiazhuang bus optimization to find the optimization in order to cycle down.


Love Shanghai promotion all know

3. through the relevant search

love Shanghai

love Shanghai know is very good user interaction platform, because the love of Shanghai know that correlation can better reflect the keywords, all users according to their needs or questions to search, find the relevant peer answers, such as the Shijiazhuang second-hand market,

these are some usual methods used, and is simple and easy to operate, we sometimes organize these long tail words, do the optimization of these long term, to improve website traffic will play a multiplier effect. In this paper, starting from small dimension Shijiazhuang Shanghai Dragon: 贵族宝贝ww4585贵族宝贝/post/133.html >

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