Shanghai dragon medical website share the surprise on Valentine’s Day

for medical website, the user experience is particularly important, no way, now all walks of life in the fierce competition in the medical industry of fierce market competition, every hospital to their patients to the hospital to see the doctor, each hospital also say they are highly skilled, can be completely cured in some disease within a short time, but the fact is it really? Now there are too many hospitals to confuse the market, making the real technical strength of the hospital buried deep in the lane, is the so-called No one shows any interest in wine is also afraid of alley, deep, it is this truth, therefore, now more and more medical sites in each hospital processes. Pay special attention to the role of network promotion, benefit from the internet.


A5 to the stationmaster net "website optimization proposal" whether it can achieve their own goals, to help us solve the problem of the website to know, to do, to identify all this time. What the boss or stationmaster spent the money, time and energy to see their hard work a month later, the site is getting worse? Believe this is who are not willing to see the boss, or individual stationmaster is want to immediately see the results, even if not immediately, then after a certain period of time must let them see the effect it, otherwise, will follow the dispute.

no way, through their own efforts still can not find the problem in place, and finally had to please the outside lines, after several twists and turns to find the A5 webmaster do Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, the hopes are pinned on them, hoping to find the problem, let the site returned to normal. After five days, I received a high level of "site optimization proposal", a detailed analysis is given by the root of the accident, also comes with a solution, what can be done to restore the site keywords ranking as soon as possible, to my surprise, "web site optimization proposal" list only is the reason of this website problems and solutions, there are many other suggestions for site optimization such as: a page with the best what content, remove what the content of the paper should be how to write, how to layout the keywords and a series of suggestions on do website optimization keywords ranking at the same time, to enhance the synchronization of the site the user experience, improve the site conversion rate.

is a social trend, therefore, I also took medical treatment way, the degree of attention of the boss let me ashamed, pressure is also growing, their everyday work, taking care of their own hands, for fear of a minor illnesses, but unhappy life what you nine in ten. The more afraid of, what it will happen on a Thursday night, the website keywords ranking dropped, also included a sudden reduced a lot, it is returned to the snapshot a month ago, in the face of this unexpected question, at first, he panicked, I do not know how to respond, but then Jingxiaxinlai you, to do a comprehensive diagnosis of the website, his recent work has examined again, but I still don’t know which part of the problem.

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