How do the personal website ranking and marketing

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3, outside the chain, the chain can be divided into high weight and high related chain two, Chinaz soft, love Shanghai library, search encyclopedia, A5 soft, Soso Ask, Douding network laggards, soft, high weight Links platform similar to high weight of the chain, the chain can you not much related with the site, but the weight and the effect they brought is obvious to people. High chain can be divided into industry forum, blog, e-commerce platforms, forums and blogs that are rotten, but good people can also bring traffic to the site and weight, e-commerce platform is highly related, is more trouble, similar to a small station. The more you pay attention to it, it will give you greater returns. Some people say, you say it will say, the key is how to do this, please refer to my another A5 article < what kind of chain is > users to share and love Shanghai to combat; not one side, said.

5, site layout, a long talk, you think you can find some optimization and can bring the flow of words, the layout of the home page, some of the long tail flow small putting the article page, column page.

, content can be divided into two blocks, one is doing their own keyword articles, a user need article. Keywords coordination former home page can better layout, also can better promotion keywords ranking, website weight slowly accumulated, these articles are often able to drive traffic to your site and weight. The latter is more important, is the site overall value, cannot provide the user needs, so is the rankings again good also like to solve the whole content, user queries, meet the various needs of users, whether it is original or acquisition, as long as the content is valuable.

2, the domain name, many people said, related to the theme of the site domain name early are also more likely to bring about the.

4, the content of

said the ranking of a website is a few simple procedures, domain name, website content, website chain, keyword layout etc..

two, website traffic and brand


how to do their own personal website? An article mentioned Shanghai dragon to want to make more money, or transformation, or do it yourself, then how do your website rankings? How to do their own site traffic and brand? Today about the two blocks:

this involves network marketing, micro-blog, WeChat, WeChat public platform circle of friends, Q>

1, website source program, many beginners may think program only affects the site layout and architecture, with the ranking to actually write their own or modify the program and directly to program or buy a lot of people used the program there is a big difference, a good program can bring love Shanghai better impression, professional content rich and clear structure of the program, can make the site easier to obtain ranking, let the rankings more stable.

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