Grassroots webmaster really understand love Shanghai chain analysis tool

finally, the author believes that since the love of Shanghai launched outside the chain of tools then we should make good use of it for site service and correct the optimization process.

chain analysis tool chain sort

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then we can not follow the ranking good site also released the chain as their own resources and their resources? Yes, this is possible, but most are so follow the operation. But in the end we webmaster will gradually exposed some problems: why am I the chain with his hair is the same, but the number of releases even far more than they did, but the website ranking often will not go up, some bad situation there will be K of the station. My personal view from the following situation:

love Shanghai since 6.23 a large area, a week after K, regardless of the size of update algorithm affects millions of webmaster heart, some Adsense ranking dropped by K, some owners, some owners ranked up there are all sorts of situations and so on. With the webmaster of mind constantly explosive act with undue haste to increase the chain, the chain that increased the love of Shanghai will be on site ranking has improved, but if you do the chain timeliness is very low or are released in the inferior garbage sites will reduce the love Shanghai for you that link to sites of the score. So when we do the chain should be the preferred quality rather than quantity.

chain is not equal to the quality of

The number of

due to the weight of the chain, the quality of the chain more than the contribution, the chain of correlation and influencing factors (ranking algorithm reference more factors), the webmaster can not be well aware of the problem, often do a lot of useless and also led to the website ranking decreased or even disappeared, so many owners have chosen give up, maybe we just hold on a moment of victory will be in front of.

since December 5, 2012, love outside the chain of tools in Shanghai webmaster tools to all web users open, many website owners are aware of this is a way to get the chain. The field of concern by querying the webmaster competition domain can be a simple analysis to the chain distribution of their website, and we can also accumulate lots of effective external chain resources.

As everyone knows

hyperlink name using the address of the site name so love Shanghai link outside the chain of tools in direct address display. So in Shanghai love algorithm only as address stored in the rankings, the effect is far lower than the description text and the name for the keyword type correlation.

chain analysis tools through love Shanghai can see the site outside the chain order, by visual inspection can be learned outside of the site in the chain of important contribution degree (not yet officially confirmed, purely personal experience), in the choice of the chain address when the same priority selection and deployment of strong correlation.


deployment in the chain of "correlation"

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