A few tips on the electricity supplier website image optimization

picture number as pictures are for the search engines, there is no way to identify the content of the picture, thus lost the search that area to bring traffic from the picture, this is a great pity, especially when you are tens of thousands of words. The ALT property usually we can formulate the structured data rules allow technicians to design program batch replace the picture, without manual operation.

1, with structured data write product picture ALT

image format


3 is about to enlarge the display problem of

for the product picture description, is not recommended to write too much redundant content, keep the data structured, do keyword recognition is high, keyword rich information can be, do not do keyword accumulation.

currently has three very popular figure.

to lose weight.If you


2, shooting angle problem

is not recommended directly on the page and then enlarge the picture reduced by CSS, although you look the picture becomes small, but the size of the picture still exists in reality, this will affect the loading speed. Instead, you can put a small picture, and then provide a larger view options, either click the pop-up or another new page display picture.

, of course, there are some who will take a larger cut Zhang map splicing, this can let the picture display, but also a picture into a small map, the number of requests to the server will increase, which will affect the page loading speed. So, if the picture size is too large, suggestions for new server specific configuration picture.

basically will not only take a photo shoot product perspective, visitors certainly not satisfied with only a frontal, attract more time visitors to stay at your site and multi angle to show the better, how to write the ALT label this time? The best way is to keep the structured ALT label, inherited the main figure the format, do not go to the pictures of a new style of writing.

image optimization is a very important factor for the electricity supplier website website optimization, ability is also a personnel must master the Shanghai dragon. But when it comes to image optimization, many of the traditional sense of the Shanghai dragon people will say, picture to add ALT tags, pictures to compress…… Xiaobian want to say, this is not rough, that exactly how to optimize? Xiaobian look together!

the number of website pictures is very bloated, it will seriously affect the website loading speed, if more than 10 seconds, then you wait and you say byebye to customers. The picture file should be how much? Some theory that the size of the picture should be kept below 70kb, but this is sometimes very difficult, especially for large images is almost impossible, unless you do not seek clarity.

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