The same P website by the joint punishment

Code: the first Shanghai


Code: Fifth Women love Shanghai, love Shanghai to know

network code: first Shanghai

love shoes

my site domain name is: www.52yanshuang.贵族宝贝 is just a simple Taobao off site, punished, ranking keyword is:


love shoesTaobao

forgot where seen, can not remember clearly in love or in the Shanghai club owners love Shanghai optimization guide inside, love Shanghai once said, with the IP site, there will be joint punishment, that is to say with a IP inside the site, if there is a site to be punished, the other with the IP website not affected, but the fact is, a website I have suffered such a joint punishment, said after things below.

brief description: this website is not the pursuit of high flow, the pursuit of high conversion rate, keyword optimization, love Shanghai index is not much, the difficulty is not so big. The conversion rate is also good. The website domain name is registered in the network, space is a virtual space, and many people were IP, and the site space is used abroad.

in April 19th, IP said that because of the space business before the server’s hard disk is broken, let me change the IP, and then respond to the call now replaced IP. About one or two days later, the amount included in my website to love Shanghai, there is only one page, it is a domain name, not WWW pages are included, other pages are K off. I was not too concerned about, think of love might be Shanghai’s database is a problem, will return in a few days, but this morning when I check this station in Shanghai has found love included, a page can not find, is that everyone pulled the hair, it is a pity that the station’s ranking is up, I basically every day without updating the article, do not send the chain, waiting for passive income, but…… In fact, a few days ago when I included the amount of decline was only one page, I suspect that may be the site space is a problem, then contact space of customer service, customer service said no problem for IP, but to speed up the access speed. But today when I query with the IP website (I love Shanghai included in the query) but I was surprised to find that when the IP sites were punished. Below is a screenshot:

can be seen from the screenshot, it is obvious that most of the sites included into 0, and even if there is included in the website, site, this is also not the first row, which is marked by the result of punishment. It seems some search engines joint punishment still exists, is relatively strict punishment. In this matter, I also received many lessons: website later, must choose a >

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