Zhang Dong on station of Shanghai soft Dragon

this I think many friends have deep experience, when the company or website encounters negative information problems, flexible language is a tool, the use of soft ranking ability, blog in various forums, including relevant keywords, column published text, let these negative information is submerged in the ocean of information.

a friend gave me a message in my blog, want to know the specific function of soft, in fact, Zhang Dong had written a similar article, sum up today. Hope to know the friends can have a deeper on the soft. Text is divided into inside and outside the station station soft soft, soft text is published on its Web site in the station, soft Wen is released in the third party platform of the article, the function and value of the two soft Wen is not the same, then we have to first today to analyze this station outside the function.

I think many of my friends all know, the chain and the anchor text output can directly improve the keywords ranking ability, here Zhang Dongyao and you is that if the quality of soft high enough words, you can directly use the soft text for keywords ranking, this test we have done many times, the effect is very remarkable, so that the soft not only can directly bring flow conversion, but also can bring the inestimable role of Web site keywords ranking.

three, outside the station to help text keyword ranking

two, standing outside the soft can increase the chain and related domain

negative information

I think many Shanghai dragon have personal experience, as long as we are in A5 or CHINAZ published articles, will immediately be a reprint, to get more of the chain and the related domain, but now A5 and CHINAZ have no URL output, just fall in love with the marine closed domain, but this part of love Shanghai related domain is very impressive, we published in his blog, can not hesitate to take the chain, but also have many high weight writing community and columns, such as DONEWS, Ereli experts, a lot of experts think, can bring the chain weight good site.

we can use hot events, and even create popular events to attract users.

five, outside the station can improve the soft degree of concern

this is very easy to understand, we insert links appropriate as long as we published the soft, import can achieve flow, but Zhang Dong to remind everyone that the premise is to flow into the flow, so Zhang Dong had a key experiment, wrote a story about precision oil filter introduces soft Wen, just published in the Sina blog, let ten words get ranking, the ranking will have a flow. That is to say, our soft wenyiding have very good quality can get traffic, high quality of soft Wen is the premise of the flow.

four, outside the station can suppress the soft

, a station can realize soft flow into

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