The webmaster recommended Shanghai finally opened her love

this afternoon, I always love to open the website of Shanghai statistics, in log statistics, just to see the love of Shanghai recommended opening news. The following figure:

1. logon love Shanghai recommended webmaster account and promotion account.

, I have seen in other sites, similar to the user to launch related plug-ins. I also think that love does not come out of Shanghai this, feel a little pity. Today only to find, in fact already has closed beta, there are about more than 1000 sites, nearly 5 months of beta. For the owners of the traffic growth effect, love Shanghai gives 15%.

I have now started, all the webmaster


open, to be recommended after the entry into force, will be able to view the report.

?Go to the

I read the opening method of love Shanghai recommended by the following 7 steps.

4. select style template, each recommendation type provides text, graphic images, mixed style template.

6. (only need to get the code embedded access code, pop style, sideslip without access code)

article by assessment of the car network (www.qupingche贵族宝贝) editing and finishing, reprint please, thank you.

3. select recommended type, system type, embedded, pop sideslip 3 for your choice.


7. open recommendations, create recommended completed, click the open button, wait for effect can be recommended (text for 1 days, the picture content for 2 days)

2. select site.

5. is set inside. (the official with the specific operation, you go to Shanghai to see the official love)

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