The old station ranking as a comprehensive analysis of the turtle speed

a simple example: a new station just on the line, do the 50 chain you every day, included about 40. If you are an old station in accordance with the construction of the chain’s efforts to perform, perhaps your optimization efforts is not enough, in addition to the construction of the chain, the rest of the station is updated and Links. About the quality of your false original or original articles are the majority, the number of Links are limited, generally a website we keep about 30, but these Links need to ensure better quality. Optimization is insufficient is very simple, that is the execution time and execution is not enough, do not always good optimization, so we have to reflect on their own thinking, today’s work is really very good to complete the. The number of guarantee at the same time will have to pay close attention to the quality of work, so Shanghai dragon is sometimes very tired, the only way to have the opportunity to go beyond the others.

Hello, I am a rock. Stop doing business in Shanghai Longfeng time always meet some difficult problems, such as: three months as a keyword ranking is still not to love the first page of Shanghai, there are some old station has been optimized but could not see the rankings, always keep the turtle speed ahead, suspended in midair is awful. I just recently encountered such a situation, we usually think the old station will be easier to do optimization, because the old station itself has some weight. But according to the new optimization efforts to optimize the old station, but found that the ranking has been no progress, I want to make many friends in Shanghai dragon will encounter such awful situation, this time we have to stop, to the analysis of what is the reason, change some of its strategy. Although not guaranteed effectively, but Shanghai is actually a process of continuous practice of dragon and phoenix. The following three problems the author summarizes.


second: careful analysis of competitor

: the first is optimization is not enough

the first point to eliminate these reasons, we should focus on the competition is to analyze, for example: a company of the station, do keyword is "rendering", but optimizes a month ranking always hovering around 15, and didn’t do optimization seems to be no difference, why so? This month I almost every day to see the first page of keywords ranking, found that the first page of the Shanghai encyclopedia, in addition to love love Shanghai know, several other peer competitors there is no change, still so few stations. Here the author is not a screenshot shows, that is to say the station ranking is very stable, and then look at the many competitors second pages, third pages, these stations are not rushed to the first page. Several competitors all belong to the first page of the old station, in fact, some stations haven’t updated, but the normal enterprise station to do the first page ranking, there will be a period of time is very stable, is not easy to go beyond the back of the station. The analysis of these competitors, we can not only see the included and the chain, or time domain, the best software to statistical data of these rankings.

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