Weight loss December 9 2011 Pro love Shanghai update analysis

two: external links rise

column page inside page

many webmaster friends reflect the site with the chain are collected up a lot, believe that often focus on search engine dynamic friend informed, each month beginning late update and update will be different in the sea, is generally the rise time, and reduce the number of the next update. This phenomenon actually stand in the perspective of a search engine can also be understood, to clean up a lot is not conducive to the development of search engine and web page repeat.

then there is a phenomenon worthy of our attention by many K website this update also recovered from this one, we can not judge the rumors that love Shanghai does not consider the user experience, said K station K station. The general site was K are internal factors, we put some internal factors is not conducive to the adjustment of the user experience of the website after a few months can restore. A few years ago may be K recovery time longer. The other is part of the original normal site site results were not in the first. And it has a lot of friends lose weight Pro small feedback, analysis of the situation and not by K, because the K usually included nothing, or the day after the update of the collected at night.

four: part of the site is k or site is not the first home page

phenomenon: pages included rise

believe most of the webmaster turn up in the morning to open the first thing computer Internet are basically the first look at the basic tree site UJ what changes, especially in the past few days on Thursday, Friday. Love in Shanghai every Thursday night 3. About 4 points will be updated, pro small weight loss is no exception, first look at the site included, and then look at the external link state: the last to see the webmaster feedback some often go to the circle, December 9, 2011 love Shanghai update summarized several points of view:

website column page and the inside pages I believe many of my friends all know, before the update frequency is very slow, but the last half year in Shanghai for the love page and column page update frequency is quite fast, long time not update the site snapshot basic can also be updated within a week, this kind of situation seems like the nobility for baby users of micro-blog platform information always search strategy adjustment has been related to a lot of friends to search for some information of the latest search engine results turned out to be long before the search engine rankings, so the user experience is not friendly, love Shanghai naturally is definitely aware of this problem, the update frequency of column page and the inside pages depending on the increase with the constant adjustment related search algorithm.

three: improve the update frequency of the

Since then

"included an increase in the number and nature as well as external links has increased a lot. In fact, we change the angle of external links is also someone else on the site of the page included. Shanghai love the massive increase since the web page number included, in other words the number of links in our natural response will increase a lot.

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