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site of the soul, if some valuable content

search engine more and more on the overall optimization of the marketing community, social network search, etc.. Many owners still use "chain as king in the keywords ranking in the chain for the emperor" the law, although such rules in the search engine can be achieved in a short time ranking effect, but when the search algorithm update, will also have a considerable effect on this website. The search engine is constantly updated, the same is search engine ranking on the site will refer to many factors.

no matter how beautiful is the style of the website, regardless of the site structure are much simpler, the content of the website has been the site of the soul, from the beginning of Shanghai Longfeng optimization of the moment, website content is always search the same truth, not only the original optimized content, but can create value for user.

is the reverse link to realize its value, enter the website users through the reverse link, what most want to know, this is the first web content supplements or explanations, which illustrates the reverse link correlation is valuable. The reverse link existence value, high quality content pages are able to deliver more value to the site, the higher PR. Now love Shanghai has been emphasized in quality is the core of Shanghai dragon Er have to reverse the idea, the chain is the webmaster for users.

site is not just a search engine optimization, but the overall marketing needs.


in Chinese, users share the greatest love Shanghai, regardless of Scindapsus algorithm, or the original Mars program. Every time the love of Shanghai frequent updates, the station will be deeply affected. Every time, the webmaster to follow the love of Shanghai continue to move forward, every time, the webmaster for the deep thinking, summary, change. As a master for search engine changes in summary, many owners have found that "no matter how they change the search engine, but deviate from them". In fact, as long as the webmaster do the usual work, no matter how the search engine changes, our website will have good results.

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valuable content is from the user’s perspective, we do in the "construction site", the customer is often all walks of life are, but they focus on web marketing is the same, website construction, website optimization, website marketing solutions, website construction how best to highlight the enterprise culture, website optimization the effect of the problem and so on, and this time we want to solve is customer concerns, how to create valuable content, resolve customer questions, the case is the best show.

explanation of the reverse link is still, the reverse link can bring some traffic to the site, so as to achieve the effect of optimization. This is many webmaster ignore the problem, does not mean that the reverse link traffic, to serve the readers, service to users.

backlinks to serve readers, service and user

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