Love Shanghai five ranking search optimization mechanism

we can give a proper proportion, if the metaphor of a website for optimization of the 100 meter race, the algorithm is 100 meters race rules, and the mechanism is the relationship between us and the other athletes.

input of a product in Shanghai, the production of the product manufacturers have hundreds, how can we tell which one is the quality of the products will be excellent? High quality manufacturers in the top row, is in line with the search needs of users, but also can improve the sea search > love

: a mechanism of competition mechanism

I have repeatedly stressed the point is: love Shanghai keyword ranking is essentially a competition. So, Shanghai Longfeng optimization work there is absolutely no way, only the relative method, no class method, only a temporary class method, no way once, only continuous learning method. The final decision of a keyword search, my website than your website ranking, I did not find the supreme martial arts cannot Juexue, but my content rich than you a bit, I experience a little better than you, my frame is better than you, only this. Determine the keywords ranking before and after elements, not only the "most", "more". The competition mechanism for keywords ranking, Shanghai Longfeng work, inspired considerable significance. Because of competition, so, we actually don’t have to do the best, just need to do slightly better this time can save resources. Because of competition, we can take the competition strategy to imitate, copy, follow etc..


"references" is an important index to evaluate the quality of a paper, a number of papers cited, that the greater the value, the more popular. The love of Shanghai also cited mechanism keywords ranking mechanism in the. Why do we have to carry out the construction of the chain chain construction is a reference?. Especially high weight website and swap chain, can significantly enhance the website ranking. This is the academic authority referred to a not well-known scholars in the paper, then the scholars will be accepted. Furthermore, in writing, half references are original arguments or data to the original author, I love Shanghai by reference mechanism, encouraging original content.

what is the mechanism? According to the Shanghai encyclopedia love explanation is: the relationship between the various parts of the structure and operation of the machine is the internal mechanism of the machine. The mechanism of search engine is certainly a set of operations, the love of Shanghai is no exception. But we seldom mention the word, we say more "algorithm". What is the algorithm, algorithm is the rule. For the algorithm, we study a lot, such as those we love Shanghai preference algorithm, the optimization work is started. But there is a difference between the algorithm and the mechanism.

based on these years, experience and thinking, in the website optimization on I think, love Shanghai ranked as follows several optimization mechanisms should be highlighted.

three: transaction mechanism

two: reference mechanism

mechanism The mechanism of

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