Love is perhaps the Shanghai share a love of Shanghai know

The principle of

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evil rankings, Shanghai was told to share love and love Shanghai steadily increase site traffic rank, can be predicted in Shanghai love to share common, its value will be the webmaster digging squeezed clean. If possible, is a love of Shanghai know. How to use

all through the webmaster tools can be found in love Shanghai traffic to a website, which is one of factors that affect the ranking of love Shanghai. "The share button through the love of Shanghai, the pages on your site will be more likely to be found by search engines love Shanghai, and thus have the opportunity to love from Shanghai to search more traffic." This is the love of Shanghai’s official website said, look, in addition to group voting, but also group

careful observation love Shanghai Comrades found recently in Shanghai behind the love search results appear to recommend a similar gesture of noble baby +1 and Like style Facebook, many people call it love sea version +1. In fact, this is also a love Shanghai love the official launch of the Shanghai: Shanghai love to share.

, 1 voting mechanism to share the love of Shanghai

2, Shanghai traffic statistics

3, micro-blog can improve the ranking


love Shanghai share can improve the rankings, there should exist a mechanism similar to the voting, of course, the specific algorithm can make nothing of it. The voting mechanism of it, we will definitely smart groups to vote. Love Shanghai QQ group will have to share out.

entered the Shanghai official website to share love, every webmaster can for their websites to extract the corresponding code to set the love of Shanghai share, Li Minghui for their zblog to set up a floating window button. Only the recommended search results behind the gesture was put in the small range of website released. The specific installation process, eye-catching is that such a sentence:

Shanghai is able to share love through the website to share micro-blog, then micro-blog will give the site to bring some hot weight and traffic. Although not clear, the algorithm, however, since love Shanghai directly said, that a good micro-blog is absolutely useful for ranking. Micro-blog mutual powder, each brush, do not know will not appear such a dedicated professional team.


love Shanghai share is simply by clicking on the button to share the content of this page with links to micro-blog, space to share. Add a point, now the Tencent has established a cooperative relationship and love Shanghai, after micro-blog and QQ predicted the space will be a very good grab spider love Shanghai. In fact, the share function there before, but many are non love Shanghai, love the Shanghai secret gesture out test will recommend to attract everyone’s eye. Because love is Shanghai’s official, presumably very authoritative, the official website is also worth pondering.

to share the love of Shanghai?

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