Li Yang Shanghai dragon love Shanghai how to treat the original content on the website

love Shanghai valued not you whether the site is the original, care about is the quality of the article, do not care whether you are original, to see the extent of flooding you reprint articles. If you reprint the content in some well-known websites are not only some very small site, it is still a great role, your site than its PR high, included, the content is reproduced for you, with your weight. In fact I think sex Shanghai optimization ranking, does not necessarily need to update the original every day we love Shanghai, more important is, the update frequency of the content on the website, or a day, updated once two days. There is also a priority among priorities, is the site of the chain. The web site of the chain, is simply a referendum vote, the higher the target keywords website, the keywords in the search engine ranking on the former. The chain as a means for the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng chain, at present, position can not be replaced, it can be said that the search engine.

force companies to have a network from the website, launched today the keywords ranking Shanghai love home, less than two weeks. Or you can directly view: Foshan website (www.guanghei贵族宝贝) of this website. The original of this website is a game site, our company bought back into the construction site of the class. The content of this site almost and force the network company 880 yuan site host is the same. The web site outside of the chain is too strong, love Shanghai chain is more than 230 thousand. From the revision to the website today only two weeks or so, site keywords ranking in the love of Shanghai yesterday, Shanghai has come to love the home page, and Google site keywords ranking at present is not. This keyword relatively should still have certain difficulty, the search volume 3 million 960 thousand, love Shanghai index more than 100. And everyone to see the ocean Shanghai dragon blog site, the site from the website today keywords Guangzhou website rankings to Google home page ninth, the time is not too long, about more than 40 days. The word search volume is about 22600000 results, such words can be said is a bit difficult. What is the reason for this, I will blog to Google home page ranking in such a short time? Is every day I update my original blog, personally think that Google more important than love Shanghai on the content of the original, and Google ranking is more fair, just. A web site to a short time nature to Google home page ranking is not possible. Google website ranking, need to have some time, there is a certain mechanism.

the last time you feel really a bit tired of Shanghai Longfeng enthusiasm began to decrease. As to what things are starting to light, not the original enthusiasm so high, it is estimated and the general Shanghai dragon ER have the same process! Today forced myself to calm down, whether it is in order to optimize the work site or directly, in order to live. This article is mainly want to talk about some of his own practice experience feelings, experience is also love Shanghai keywords optimization concerned.

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