Shanghai Sina micro blog love on line real time search to bring what changes to the nternet

currently love Shanghai market share has more than Google, becoming the largest search engine, is the largest Internet users demand entrance. With nearly three years of development, domestic micro-blog has become increasingly popular. Sina and micro-blog has become the most influential social networking platform in china. The 300 million users, the number of micro-blog 100 million daily, user level has to challenge the QQ. Every day from Shanghai love search request more than one billion times, which can predict the associated with micro-blog search requests will be explosive growth. Although all the time, for the users search engine micro-blog open real-time search hope more and more high, and the technology to realize it is not a problem. But due to the particularity of the policy and content of micro-blog, micro-blog has been unable to open real-time search. But the love of Shanghai Sina micro-blog open real-time search, can be said that has been brewing for a long time, but also represent the general trend. The well-known Internet commentators, DCCI Internet data center founder Hu Yanping believes that the love of Shanghai Sina and micro-blog’s hand, Chinese means a maximum flow of search engines and China combined with micro-blog’s most influential, the most active social network platform, will help give birth to the most valuable Internet products and services, promote the Internet into China the real time real time search. Among the most widely and influence of the largest search entrance entrance of social cooperation will bring many changes to the internet.

trend will open more social networking sitesShanghai Sina micro-blog


social search become real-time search

with love real-time search open, future is likely to continue to open real-time search Tencent, Sohu and even everyone, happy SNS website. Social search will become a trend. The search engine wars, Google, soso, Sogou will naturally be outdone, will also join in the future social search campaign. The search engine for the domestic social cyber source, will become increasingly fierce. With the development and constantly improve the quality of Internet users and Internet diversification, the development of the search engine must not be complacent, just stay in the ordinary web search is the core of the entrance mode, position and user stickiness will certainly be reduced. The future, who put the social search well, who can strengthen the real-time search function, it will be.

Admin5 webmaster network news, the evening of March 1st, real-time search service integration of Shanghai Sina micro-blog love content online. Love Shanghai in its search results and real-time display of the latest Sina micro-blog keyword related content. This is the first time micro-blog Sina search engine and the third party cooperation. Stationmaster net editor, a hot topic on the right side of the Sina micro-blog page, Sina micro-blog search results through search keywords can love Shanghai. Keywords and search some news, unexpected events, Sina micro-blog content will also be presented in Shanghai’s new love micro-blog search results. At present, Shanghai has officially opened the visible love real-time search on Sina micro-blog.


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