The direct answer SERP page under the summary of search engine

yes, about some specific words in the noble baby, love Shanghai, and 360 search, get this kind of application, because if this is just a way to answer a certain keyword if all jump, will lose more user experience, this point also, we need to pay attention to.

I believe that if you do a good search words, these tips can bring you great help, because many people need to check the train timetable and train, these are very important, so, if in the practical aspects of the country, "


second: display results on some specific words, such as "weather forecast"

The first point: the application of


"weather forecast" in this range in many search is a direct result of the unique, so in the search, we will see this kind of adjustment, as shown in figure

search engine

. The application of

search engine has changed a lot of our life, in these applications, most of the time is changing us directly in the SERP page directly to find the answer, and direct way to find the answer, the end of the jump a lot of traffic, in this way, although in many cases will take away a lot of traffic. However, for the overall flow of the market is not big difference, fall in love with the sea as a frame is recommended, but also in order to let users see the results, the fastest to find the answer to this point, feel self search application or recommended.


indeed, in all kinds of applications, love Shanghai already occupy most of Jiangshan, 360 search also slowly to create their own applications, and the noble baby also bothered to use this way to end a direct flow, as shown below, is 360 and love Shanghai application, search key word for "QQ."

today in the webmaster online to see an article, "noble baby, love Shanghai force entity search:" direct answers ", also want to write their own who directly gives the one we all can see the search results page SERP effect; yes, we in the search process, the most common are those who give a direct answer, but don’t jump", which is in the domestic market, especially the wide application of love Shanghai, love Shanghai because want to do a traffic terminator, and noble baby always with a middle recommendation status, which is different also caused a lot of difference, the following is some small sum.

but with more keywords, but found that the baby is not so noble and durable, for example below, the search for "z47", has been below

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