Shanghai Shanghai Dragon network marketing in the most practical promotion methods

some friends have asked me about the promotion of the most practical method in network marketing what? I said in the network marketing promotion is the first volume and quality first, to roll out the matter up, your promotion is very successful, it is anything to do network marketing will go through the steps. Today Shanghai Shanghai dragon mainly said some of those more promotion methods, can do to win less, get the best results with the least effort,

2. expert interviews. The expert’s perspective to explain the knowledge. The main embodiment of the authority.

3. public welfare propaganda. Some of the video in the public perspective, mainly reflect the public interest.

any industry is soft, a sword, use of good things will be semi function times, looking for some good handwritten batch with excellent soft Wen requirements, uploaded to the authority of the platform, and the amount of promotion of the more the better, and a good soft Wen is usually in the form of


video is a good stuff, when millions of people stare at the same page, text and pictures have been boring video rather than from another angle to show, because the video is from the visual, auditory multiple displays, the ratio of purely text and pictures are more convincing and credibility, we all know that television billboard effect is good it is for this reason that we seriously some good planning and shooting video, and then find some video website to promote the promotion of wider range, the greater the effect. A good video is usually the following categories:

1. Soft text is easy to read, easy to accept.

first, soft Wen promotion network marketing


, the second essential stereoscopic video promotion — network marketing

2. Aspect should be soft and publicity. This is very important, what we write is a surface aspect, whether news or dissemination of knowledge, such as news, news must be explosive, easy to cause the attention of others, the dissemination of knowledge of the article must have fresh ideas. These things like a person to have characteristics and personality can be more attention. Virtually insoluble in the propaganda point.

3. The soft channel uploaded to the authority and integrity. A good article upload platform to have credibility and authority, such propaganda effect will be more effective, otherwise a good article will be discounted.

1. successful cases. From the video, mainly authentic.

refers to the love of Shanghai know, SOSO ask, 39 Health quiz, 120ASK quiz website, these types of sites the most useful information is that credibility is relatively high, more than 58 city Ganji, etc. these simple classification of web credibility is much higher, so the organization of their own questions and answers and to this amplification, I think the effect >


third, Q & a promotion network marketing credibility

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