Shanghai Longfeng optimization design of the first essentials share


?Specific measures:

here for example of their own, such as I need to promote a network fax industry website, then I want to how to define the site? So, I will make such a form below to

This paper is composed of

Hello, I am Shanghai dragon new Beckham yesterday for the first time in the first article published A5 "Shanghai Long Fengzhi natural search engine ranking factors" and has been through, especially happy heart. Although still a rookie, but the desire for Shanghai dragon, a little less every veteran.

( CRC fax pass) editor Beckham wrote, starting A5, reproduced please keep the link, thank you very much! My qq:179932816, welcome to friends.

perhaps some friends will think this is a very funny, don’t I don’t know my website to do? But I want to ask, whether you have their specific and clear the

to all the webmaster friends, than any of the Shanghai Dragon technology, the purpose of its establishment, is more important than what. Why do I want to build a station? I want to use my website? B2B, B2C? Or as a technology blog or other


I put these, as a first step in the Shanghai dragon plan, is also clear the website the original intention of what is exactly what purpose!! to the next Shanghai dragon optimization process, have a clear direction and guidance. Later in the paper, I will follow your progress, a little to the knowledge I learned to share out, hope everyone can join to discuss the learning atmosphere, help each other. Now, here, we want to help, thank you!


was published, I feel the article is not a reason, because as a newcomer, will start from the fundamental, because today I want to share some of my in Shanghai Longfeng early implementation of knowledge, and we hope that everyone can participate.

you can clearly see, I put me on the purpose of the site is divided into 3 parts: "target, target audience and transformation definition". First we need to clarify their respective aim, and this is relatively easy to do. Then I according to my goal to clear my target audience, to find the most direct correlation between them. Finally, I want to write the definition of visitors into me, you are sure to understand the transformation, each time the transformation are representative of the site’s users access to your expectations, also say "score". But for each of the different sites, the concept of the score or different. So we need to put their "points" to describe them, so that it can be more targeted in the late Shanghai dragon.

But what?

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